The Bad Guy

September 5, 20171 min read

This is a poem about being the villain in a relationship. It’s about knowing you are doing everything wrong, and ultimately having to walk away. This is not meant to glorify being a terrible partner, but to show that sometimes it hurts to know you caused someone else pain.


It ended long before I said goodbye.

I’m not sure it ever really started.

I mistook love for lonely,

Played with your emotions,

Plucked the strings of your heart,

And discarded it as if it wasn’t the only semblance of love I’d ever known.

As if you didn’t sacrifice your comfort for my inconsistencies.

Like you hadn’t given me your own heart without ever asking for mine in return.

I never said sorry,

never picked up the pieces I left you to deal with.

I swallowed my words whole, while yours bathed in tears.


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isaiah moses

Black, Queer, Writer.