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The Clues To Finding The Right Moisturizer

December 17, 20175 min read

I live in the tropical climate where I only experience sun and rain throughout the whole year, and my skin gets very, very dry. Since winter has come for its yearly visit, I believe that more and more girls will start to have the same problem I do, no matter their location or altitude. After I cleanse and wipe off my makeup, the texture of my skin sometimes feels like sandpaper. It honestly seems like my skin is so dry, it could crack like a drought land. I know it is not healthy; I have tried many ways to improve the condition of my skin. I used everything that people suggested to me, without knowing the consequences or even whether it would work or not. As many of you know, skin care is costly, so it’s also been a waste of money if the product didn’t work on me.

Recently, I received an e-mail from Lauren Riebs, the outreach specialist from For reference, is a team, started by passionate consumers, that works with experts to research, sample, and experiment with products of all ranges to determine the best for you. So, the next time you are having a hard time choosing the best product for anything, just Google them!

Lauren shared with me their findings on a perfect day and night moisturizers, and ways to determine the best one for you when you are looking for one at the shelf at the cosmetics’ store. Let’s start, shall we?

Look for moisturizers that have the following ingredients:

1. Humectants

Humectants help draw moisture into your skin, while emollients help block moisture from exiting your skin. Most lotions and creams are emollients. Humectants make these lotions and creams more effective by helping to hold water in your skin.

2. Sunscreen (for day moisturizers)

Yes, you read that right. Your day moisturizer should provide UV protection with at least 30 SPF. Experts prefer moisturizers with SPF 30-50 and ones that block both UVA and UVB rays. Both chemical and mineral sunscreens work on your skin, but it is highly recommended for you to find mineral sunscreens because chemical sunscreens may cause allergies… and we want to avoid red skin, itchiness, and rashes, don’t we?

3. Retinoids (for night moisturizers)

Retinoids are a ‘magic ingredient’ to fight the signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. We depend on it to look young, so let it do the magic when you’re sleeping!


Look for moisturizers that don’t have the following ingredients:

1. Fragrance

While fragrances do relax our mind and make us more confident, they can cause allergic reactions and sensitivities. You don’t really know the full chemical content that makes up certain fragrances. To play it safe, cut them out of your moisturizers.

2. Mineral Oil

According to Dr. Cindy Jones, the founder of Colorado Aromatics, mineral oil coats the skin to prevent water loss, but it does not offer any nutrients and is not a renewable source. Mineral oil also has the potential to clog your pores, a cheap filler and not rinsing clean. A dry skin is enough, we don’t want to add any other additional skin problems.

3. Retinoids (for day moisturizers)

Why is retinoid a big no-no for day moisturizers but an essential for night ones? According to a study, retinoids can form tumors when exposed to UV rays. Some industries say that retinoids make our skin more vulnerable to sun damage. So while they are great for night moisturizers, they aren’t as effective for day moisturizers.


You can read more about the research and about more tips for moisturizers — and everything else — on

Don’t forget to make your personal checklist whenever you are hunting for the best moisturizer. These tips can be used by all my girls around the world. Everyone should have the benefit and access to healthy skin. I hope you’ll find the perfect moisturizer just for you!

Healthy skin, happy life!

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