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The Dark Spots Corrector Creams that Take Over My Night Routine

March 8, 20205 min read

Sudden dark spots caused by defects or sun exposure can betray your skin after a week of pampering clean and clear skin. Dark spots are influenced by many things such as the aftermath of acne, sun damage, hormonal change and many more. It can clump up in areas around the body or spread individually. The size of dark spots vary by the complexity of the skin.

Nevertheless, dark spots are very pigmented and hard to remove. I have experimented with various creams and facial masks to witness the same dark spots caused by acne. Frankly, my to-go anti-dark spots facial cream was in my grandma’s house.

While the large patches on my underarm are clearly visible, I never exactly pinpoint the cause of the spots. Nevertheless, through research I found a cheap off-the-counter cream to lighten my skin.

Grisi Concha Nácar Mother of Pearl Cream

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Prior Knowledge: I grew up knowing of Grisi Concha Nácar Mother of Pearl Cream by my grandmother. I always thought the cream was especially for older women since she would put it on her spotty hands. When puberty hit me with acne, I tried different home remedies and creams that left me with the same dark scaring. Needless to say, I put the Grisi cream on overnight and the next day the spot got smaller and lighter.

The Promise: As stated in the cream, “[The cream] helps [l]ighting skin, restoring its natural tone, [v]anishing spots and scars, [and] [m]oisturizing and softening skin during the day.”

How To Use It: The cream can be used during the daytime and/or nighttime. I use it mainly in the nighttime after I finished taking a shower. But before I put it on, I use the soap from the same brand. I do find a difference when I use the soap and cream versus only the cream. At times, the combination of soap and cream is a little bit faster to heal the dark spots. Nevertheless, I put the cream on my entire face: on my dark spots, acne and bumps that can lead to acne. The morning after is refreshing since the dark spots are lighter and the bumps are smaller and hard to find.

Where to Find It: A local Walmart is a good place to start. The Grisi Concha Nácar Mother of Pearl Cream is not found in the beauty products. It’s found on the Hispanic shelf which is pretty hard to locate in Walmart, so ask an employee.

Nadinola Skin Discoloration Fade Cream

Courtesy of Dafny Flores

Prior Knowledge: In a desperate need for body discoloration cream, I only had a month to spare the dark patches on my underarms for my cousin’s quinceñera. I researched various products for fast development that were easily accessible at my local Walmart. In comparison to Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Cream, Nadinola lacked irrigation and a greasy texture.

The Promise: As stated in the glass bottle, “Nadinola helps to fade dark spots for a more even skin tone. Contains emollients and a sunscreen to help prevent dark spots from recurring.”

How To Use It: The product does not specify a way to apply it. I use a Q-tip for application to spread the product into two layers on the dark spots. Nadinola recommends using the product twice a day: day and night. Due to the lack of time, I only use it at night.

Where to find it: The product is available in Walmart. Like the Grisi Concha Nácar Mother of Pearl Cream is not found in the beauty products. Your best bet is to ask an employee.

Grisi Concha Nácar Mother of Pearl Cream and Nadinola have worked efficiently for my dry and greasy skin. Both products work at their own pace to recover to the natural skin from dark spots. Nevertheless, Grisi and Nadinola have continually lived up to the expectations through my nighttime routine.

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