The Fashion Legacy of Cher

May 22, 20174 min read

Cher, or Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born on May 20, 1946, she made her name in 1965 when her and Sonny Bono released the hit song, “I Got You Babe”. She’s not just known for her singing, however, as she is a notable actress, philanthropist, as well as a “fashion icon” to most.

Through her 1970’s boho-disco phase to her 1980’s gothic grunge phase, to even now, pushing her 70’s, rocking sheer clothing with small cloth covering her nipples. There is no debate that Cher is an icon. But, her mark on the fashion world is unparalleled.

Here she is, wearing a loose blouse and what can only be flared jeans, in the 1970s. Maybe most women dressed this way in the 70’s, but no one held a candle to the way she wore it.

This picture captures her beauty perfectly — the light purple eyeshadow with her long lashes, as well as the orange blush suits her skin to a T. Her turquoise matching jewelry and vest present her a gypsey-like way.

Another 1970s outfit that blew me away — the style of the shirt clings to her assets while also leaving breathing room for her stomach; the long chain on her necklace accentuates the turtleneck collar. The high waisted pants with the stomach showing totally complete the look.

This picture from the 1960s proves she’s a fashion icon — the bangs, the eyeliner that creates a big-eye look, the big hoops, the mod shirt, plus the matching of it all with the pale pink background? A look unrivaled by anyone else.

My inner goth is screaming — the tightness of the bodysuit that accentuates all her curves wouldn’t look half as good on someone without her goddess-like quality. Plus, the long curly hair and the black cat pull the whole thing together.

This is 1980’s Cher — a look very similar to our beloved Joan Jett. The leather jacket and the hair just give you a tinge of 1970’s Joan.

Siouxie and the Banshees, who? Aw, yes, not one of Cher’s finest looks, but influential all the same! Next time you see a celebrity sporting hair like that, remember who did it first.

1990’s Cher — she looks like a mirror image of a princess. She elegantly wears a floral dress with the straps fallen strategically to her shoulders, draped across with a light blue shawl. Next time princess Cher walks into the room, remember to curtsy or bow – she’s royalty.

Early 2000’s were so kind to us — I mean they brought blonde Cher so it couldn’t have been bad. The blonde hair with the dark makeup suits her face so well, and she should honestly bring this amazing look back.

She looks like a country singer here, but, God, that hair! Anything can be forgiven if you glow like a goddess through the span of five decades. So, let’s look past that ugly cheetah print jacket.

Present day Cher — she’s in her 70s and still rocking sheer outfits like this. Though it’s not as fan-worthy as her blonde haired look, this is still completely iconic. Imagine looking that good in your 70’s.

To sum up, Cher has been grazing fashion magazines for five decades; gracing us with her classy, yet revealing, outfits every single year. Even tonight, when she performed “Believe”, she looked ageless. Someone leak her beauty routine, please and thank you.

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