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The Kailijumei Series: Kailijumei Secret Jelly Lipstick Review

June 2, 20196 min read

Disclaimer: This product was generously sponsored by Kailijumei.

I’m a huge sucker for all things pretty and when I come across anything cute, I would most probably hoard it and never use it in my entire life. However, when it comes to beauty products, I would surely end up in a huge dilemma, choosing between the oh-too-common phrases; ‘to use’ or ‘to not use’. Well, unfortunately, I came across this dilemma again when my latest lipstick find proved to be a feast to the eyes. Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick was by far the prettiest lipstick that I’ve come across in my entire life. I’ll tell you why when I have a breakdown on the best aspects of this lipstick that has been trending across social media and have been restocked across the shelves over and over again for the past few years. Without further due, here’s my take on Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick in Dream Purple.

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

The Outlook

At first glance, the red lipstick tube engraved with the company’s name, looked completely normal until I had second thoughts on opening it. It was then I realised that the tube itself was an amazement. Apparently, there was a push button at the top of the tube that enabled the lipstick to be released out from it. That is actually a great innovation as it holds the lipstick firmly in place so no mishaps would occur such as the usual, ‘DISASTER IN THE BAG’ scenario. There’s even a slim mirror at the side of the tube, that comes in quite handy for quick touch-ups especially if you’re constantly on-the-go.

The Jelly Lipstick

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

This lipstick upholds a lot of mysteries to it, as a matter of fact. Apart from the push down button, the jelly lipstick itself looks absolutely fascinating. It’s a clear looking lipstick with gold flakes and a tiny purple flower right in the heart of it. It reminded me strongly of the glass-encased rose from Beauty and The Beast except for the fact that there were no curses from an enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman. The fact that it smells as good as it looks seems to make it a great choice for beauty lovers.

But wait! Here’s the best part. Once used on your lips, it changes colors according to your body temperature and body pH. How cool is that? From my personal experience, this lipstick gives you all the nourishment and hydration that you need for your lips as it acts as both, a lip balm and a lipstick. Thus, it prevents chapped lips as a whole. It’s long lasting and I’m free to eat anything, including greasy food without worrying about my lips. Once applied with one swipe, it produces a clear lip balm color but as I swipe it on my lips for a few more times, the color gradually changes to a light pink tint. Leave it on for an hour or so, and you’ll get a slightly darker shade of pink. On a side note, the name of the lipstick does not have any association with the color of the tint produced. It’s the color of the dried actual flower that’s related to the name of it.

Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick is completely safe to use although it’s not completely vegan as it contains beeswax, a bi-product of bees. However, it’s cruelty-free, although it hails all the way from China which is known for animal testing products. By the way, it is infused with the magnificent wonders of nature such as cocoa butter, botanical extracts, stearic acid, candelilla resin, olive oil, citric acid, grape seed oil, lavender oil which makes it all the more safe to use. Plus, apart from Dream Purple, it comes in 3 other flower colors such as Minute Maid, Barbie Doll Powder and Flame Red. The price of the lipstick does not put a hole in your pocket as it is available on the Kailijumei website for just $22.00 each.

Below is the color swatch of Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick in Dream Purple:

Color Swatch of Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick in Dream Purple, ©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

As a whole, Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick is every lipstick lover’s dream and it’s totally worth the buy. For more information on Kailijumei’s Secret Jelly Lipstick, log onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page and their Facebook page.

Featured Image was taken by Preevena Devi Jayabalan

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