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The Kailijumei Series: Kailijumei Double Layer Lip Gloss Review

June 12, 20195 min read

Disclaimer: This product was generously sponsored by Kailijumei

Being a lipstick lover, I was never actually fond of using lip gloss. It was always at the bottom list of my makeup essentials. The only time I would ever use it is for an enhancing purpose for the matte lipsticks that I use. Even then, I would use it sparingly to prevent an overload of glossiness on my lips. However, just recently I had an opportunity to review Kailijumei’s Double Layer Lip Gloss in Minutemaid and I would say that it had definitely changed my makeup game to a whole new level. So, here’s my review on the Kailijumei Double Layer Lip Gloss.

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

The Outlook

When I first heard the name of the lip gloss, my thoughts immediately shifted to the double layered milk teas that I’ve seen in local cafes and I’ve envisioned the lip glosses to look just the same as those drinks. In spite of my wild imaginations, Kailijumei’s Double Layer Lip Gloss was absolutely cute in a transparent tube and there was a tiny little dried orange flower at the bottom of the lip gloss indicating the name of the shade, complete with gold flakes. The packaging looked stylish and it’s travel-friendly too.

The Double Layered Lip Gloss

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

The product didn’t look like it had 2 layers so, the curious cat in me decided to use it to prove its worth. There were two doe foot applicators provided in the packaging; one long and the other was short. I then, realized that, the short applicator was meant for the upper layer of the lip gloss and the long applicator was to be used for the deeper layer of the lip gloss.

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

According to the website, the upper layer of the lip gloss provides a transparent color while the deeper layer is where the color changing mechanism occurs. Similarly to the brand’s Secret Jelly Lipstick which I’ve reviewed quite some time ago, the color of the lip gloss from the deeper layer changes according to your body’s temperature and pH value. In my case, it changed after 10 minutes. The lip gloss serves as an awesome lip tint and as well as a great moisturizer suitable for everyday usage. It’s quick drying too so, for a person frequently on-the-go, putting on lip gloss would no longer be a hassle and it doesn’t smudge upon application which saves much of our time trying to remove the mess on our face post-application. The lip gloss is cruelty-free too so, to all the animal lovers that I may or may not have met before, this might be your go-to product for everyday usage. Likewise, it smells great and don’t fret about the safety of the product. I’ve used it for a week and it’s A-okay. Personally speaking, the product provided me with much moisture and I didn’t have the need to reapply it for the umpteenth time. Just as I’ve mentioned before, it works as a great lip tint so, if you’re very much disturbed by the presence of lip gloss on your lips, wipe it off and you’ll be just fine because by then, the lip gloss would have worked its magic on your lips.

Apart from Minutemaid, this lip gloss comes in 3 different flower colors such as Barbie Doll Powder, Flame Red and Dream Purple and all of them come with the 2 applicators and a whole lot of moisturizing goodness.

Below is the color swatches of Kailijumei’s Double Layer Lip Gloss in Minutemaid:

From top swatch : Upper layer lip gloss, Deeper layer lip gloss, A mix of both layers, © Preevena Devi Jayabalan

In a nutshell, Kailijumei’s Double Layer Lip Gloss is an amazing investment to your vanity kit at just $20.00. Trust me, after using it, you would literally forget about the existence of your lipstick. For more information on Kailijumei’s Double Layer Lip Gloss, log onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page and their Facebook page.

Featured Image was taken by Preevena Devi Jayabalan.

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