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‘The Originals’ Will Remain in Our Hearts Always and Forever

August 1, 201810 min read

Spoilers Ahead!

The Original family of vampires were so captivating an entire spinoff series was created just for them. I am one fan that will be eternally grateful that it turned out to be a gem that shined on its own (ignoring season 5). It’s only right to honour the wonderful family that kept us on our toes for years.

Niklaus Mikaelson (a.k.a. Nik, Klaus or as I like to call him, My Love):

His precious smile! This big, bad, and clever Original Hybrid makes me feel some type of way. In the beginning, he barely trusted anyone which resulted in bad paranoia, his relationship with his siblings was tense despite their vow, he was greedy for power, selfish most of the time, and quite insecure and even jealous when it came to the happiness of those closest to him. And now at the end, he has built a formidable bond with each and every one of them, making sure their vow “Always and Forever” can never be broken. He’s selfless and he’s found a great reason to live and be a better person! He owns up to his mistakes, even if that takes some time, and tries to rectify them. He encourages his loved ones to pursue love and happiness instead of ripping it away from them. And all of that is a huge improvement, something that took multiple millenias and of course Elijah’s unwavering belief in him. Of course, not everything’s changed, he’s still ruthless when needed, can get a bit hotheaded, is still the same clever man, and a wonderful painter. He’s taught me that there’s a reason to keep going and that fighting and winning your demons is not only possible but also very worth it. I will forever miss his poetic one-liners, the way he would make threats sound beautiful, the mischievous smile, his charm, and his beautiful accent.

Elijah Mikaelson (The Knight in a Suit):

Plagued by guilt and sadness for countless years, he sacrificed more than anyone else and poured everything he had into the “possible” redemption of Klaus. One too many people told him that he was being ridiculous and Klaus himself tested and taunted him to give up. But he persisted and it paid off eventually. Elijah has reminded me how rewarding patience and perseverance can be as well as how to always look put together and be diplomatic at any time. He’s also reminded me that you can’t really fix and help others without dealing and being fully comfortable with yourself first. Elijah exuded elegance, even at his lowest and ugliest points, and that is something I really admire.

Rebekah Mikaelson (The Older Sister We All Wish We Had):

Klaus’ favourite sibling and our favourite fighter. She was the funny, sarcastic, fresh, and optimistic element in the trio and her connection with her brothers is what made them more humanized. Her desires were always so simple, to love and be loved, and to have her own family. It broke my heart whenever the chances of this were snatched from her but she never stopped wanting or fighting. Her line “Us girls have got to stick together” always made me feel closer to her and so inspired. She never let Klaus feel less or unwanted but made sure she stood up for herself no matter what. The writers did a great job of making her character strong yet loving. Rebekah was strong, courageous, compassionate, and selfless, always ready to put her own quest for happiness aside for her family. Of course, as a Mikaelson, she had her stubborn, spoiled, angry and sometimes sadistic moments, but they were usually well justified. I am so glad she found someone like Marcel who could deal with all of her and love her, she deserves that happiness too. Thank you, Rebekah, for teaching me to never stop fighting for my dreams. And thank you for inspiring me with your great sense of style in fashion, hair, and life in general.

Freya Mikaelson:

This girl was a surprising addition and it was great seeing Rebekah with a sister, someone who could finally have her back. Despite a rocky start, she slowly earned every single one’s trust which finally got her to be able to fulfil the role of the eldest sibling. She is fiercely loyal, driven and sometimes stubborn, and carries the burden of a tough childhood and that’s what makes her such a Mikaelson. But just like the others, she too grows and slowly learns to take care of herself and have compassion. She stood by her family through literally thick and thin and deserves the best with Keelin.

Kol Mikaelson:

Every time he stepped on screen, the atmosphere always became a hundred times more mischevious. He developed a lot from someone who just wanted to have fun and with serious trust issues into the one Mikaelson that managed to get away from it all and live responsibly and happily with Davina. He was always smarter than he let on and he really made a great uncle. I admire his ability not to go crazy, being comfortable with himself, and enjoying life to its fullest extent despite everything. Kol, your grin will be missed.

Finn Mikaelson:

It took him a really long time to come to terms with himself, his siblings, and step out of his parent’s influence. But I’m glad he got the chance to do so before his death.

Hope Mikaelson: 

As a young girl, she was really someone to behold. She had wisdom way beyond her years and possessed formidable fearlessness. She’s been through a lot, has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, and will be the beginning of an entirely new species or “originals”. I hope that once her teen phase is over, she will be someone that can change the world in the most positive way possible.

Hayley Marshall: 

Hayley started off as one of the most annoying characters yet left as a beautiful, highly treasured member of the Mikaelson family. After having Hope, she became super badass and a real queen and I admire every part of that. The sacrifices she made were super honourable and she excelled as a mother. She was the only one who could stand up to Klaus and challenge him to balance the good and bad in him. They were real and made each other better, a team that would have eventually flourished into something even more beautiful. She fought bravely by his side for their family, something she always wanted to be a part of. Everyone loved her by the end. She brought peace and held everyone together. Her death was crushing and I am so proud of who she became and what she did. She deserved the world and I hope that for her sake, Hope will make her proud.

Marcel Gerard:

This hot guy somehow went from King of New Orleans to a creature more powerful than the Originals, yet maintained his loyalty, respect and love for them. He meant something different to each family member and that is a tricky position to hold. Yet, he managed it extremely well and carried himself like a real king. Marcel’s intellectual capabilities, empathy, ruthlessness, and good looks will live forever with us.

The Originals may not have ended like we all wanted, but the characters will live on in our hearts Always and Forever.

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