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The Refreshing Artist You’ve Been Searching For

April 12, 20194 min read

Alabama based music and visual artist Griffin has returned with a small taste of his talent with his EP Quiet Storm. It is not an exaggeration to categorize Griffin as one of the most well shaped and polished to come out of AL in a long time.

Griffin credits his diverse taste and uniqueness to his musical influences such as Tracy Chapman and Young Thug. You can see the versatility in his music choices but what holds the most influence in his art is “the universe around him paired with his personal relationship with the universe”.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Griffin at Howard University in 2015. Although, his star power was evident to me then, to say that his growth is intriguing would be an understatement.

The 3-track EP, Quiet Storm feels like a mini rollercoaster of emotions.

1. “Send Me Up”

The intro track “Send Me Up” resembles an emotional Lil Skies record. Griffins delivery on this record makes it impossible to not feed off of his words and feel his struggle.

2. “Magic Tricks”

Griffin got in his bag on this track. “She only like magic tricks. So pull out that bag and sh*t”. The catchy hook makes a head bounce and a shoulder bop inevitable. You get a glimpse of his confidence and steez here.

3. “Ooh Nah Nah”

This track provides soft melodic sounds, enticingly warm lyrics and an acoustic beat that will put you in your feelings.


Get to know more about Griffin!


What does music mean to you?

“Music is another means of communication in my opinion, and it translates into many languages. To be able to create my own language from it and appreciate the languages of others is truly a gift and I am grateful for every moment that I’m able to be apart of it.”

At what moment did you know that this was your passion?

“I knew this was my passion when I saw Kanye’s Slow Jams video for the first time when I was 8.”

Talk a little about what it means to come from Alabama and how that has affected you with your personal and creative life. 

“Growing up, for me, Alabama always felt separate from the real world that I thought was out there. It gave me a thirst for adventure that set the fire in me. It’s a creative oasis for me seeing as how I like to take inspiration from nature, and Alabama has got plenty of that to spare. But as I’ve matured I’ve realized that it has everything I need and that’s why I’m here.”

Was there ever a time in your journey where you thought about quitting music? If so, what made you stick with it? 

“I’ve thought about quitting or changing directions way more than I would like to admit. But I couldn’t imagine doing something else and being truly happy.”

Why should someone listen to your music? 

“Why should anyone do anything really? But I deliver it from my soul, and that’s all I ever ask of my favorite artists.”

If you had to pick a color to describe your emotions while creating this project, what color would it be? 

“Forest Green or Burgundy”

What is your favorite track on your EP?

“Send Me Up”

Choose a word that you want to be described as when you aren’t around?



Listen to “Quiet Storm” here! Don’t forget to tap in with Griffin on Instagram and Twitter.

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