Now Reading: The Sea of Frustration Only Carries Waves of Emotion


The Sea of Frustration Only Carries Waves of Emotion

July 12, 20172 min read

As I sit alone in this old wooden bench with the feel of warm sand between my toes I wonder why it is that the beach is so calming. Why the beach is loved by so many and why it is that even if you dont get in the water or build a sand castle the feeling of the wind alone brings you tranquility and peace of mind. I look out and i see this endless shade of blue that goes out and looks as if it shoots straight into the sky and has no end. Is it because the ocean is the one thing that connects us all? is it because this water could have been the same water that meets with Greece? or is it because no matter what is going on or what time of the day you can always count on hearing the waves? Or is really it because this is the same place you once came to with who seemed to be the love of your life? As I sit here alone on this wooden bench and I look to my right and no longer find the one that once loved me…

I face forward and thank the waves, because they will never leave me like he did so long ago. I wonder if the waves will ever stop some day and I wonder if my thoughts about you will ever come to an end… I wonder if I will ever live to experience a day at the beach without thinking of you.

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Emily Ceja

I am an 18 year old freshman in college that loves to write in the hopes that one day my words will open the eyes and warm the hearts of those that feel lost