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The Shows To Remember From New York Fashion Week!

September 17, 20197 min read

New York Fashion Week has just concluded its whirlwind of couture that captivated the world. The spring/summer collections designed by elite fashion houses took the runways and amazed audiences around the world-or disappointed them. NYFW has always prided itself on its grungy atmosphere. This particular fashion epicentre allows for experimentation in the most underground ways. From shows dreamed up in the most absurd of locations to strong political statements, NYFW had many memorable shows this season!

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya 

It can be easily said that this show was one of the most anticipated ones of this season. This collaboration was challenged with high expectations and they did not disappoint! They stood out as one of the few shows this year that strayed from the vibrant palettes we saw elsewhere. The colours were muted and the ensembles were noteworthy for their classic culture ties. The collection itself was created with the goal to celebrate strong women of the ’70s in the United States and the influence was undeniable. Hosted in the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem, the show featured many live performances and cultural nods that enriched the show tremendously. In such a polarizing time, seeing fashion shows that embrace and celebrate cultures and people is so incredibly important and motivating. The clothes were less modern and innovative than what other brands featured, however, they were refined and chic. From distinctive patterns and animal print to bows of fabric at the neck, they added a bold touch that still complimented the simple colours. I personally adored this collection and it was a perfect artistic collaboration between the two.

Tomo Koizumi

Koizumi is a Japanese costume designer based in Tokyo and his artistic talents made his collection one of the most innovative ones of the season. His dresses defied typical silhouettes and billowed and bent in a majestic form. The collection was created using unique fabric that made the silhouette look even more dramatic. The colours were also incredibly vibrant and jumped out at audiences. In several pieces, he combined multiple colours and he also added ribbons for detail. The makeup and hair on the models were also standout, with stark pale makeup and extreme hairstyles accentuating the dramatism of his collection. The avant garde will always be a part of fashion weeks and Koizumi really let his creativity fly and created art pieces.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott’s collection transported us to an entirely different world with his unique and artistic prints. His pieces had explosions of colour on them that almost looked like galaxies and his entire collection was defined by a bright and powerful palette. His pieces were highly saturated in colour and many of them featured bold abstract prints. The one aspect I didn’t enjoy was the animal prints that were used throughout the collection. I found they came across a little tacky, especially when paired with the neon colours. However, I adored the paintbrush strokes and space prints used as they added a very interesting element to the clothes! Scott is well-known for his flashy designs and he certainly did not disappoint this year!


r13 created a collection that was grunge haven and so perfectly New York. The collection had an amazing contrast between flashy metallic pieces and more gritty, muted clothes. The two styles melded together perfectly to create an amazing collection. Like Scott’s show, animal print was found frequently throughout the collection but the colours were just slightly more muted which allowed them to compliment the other pieces in the collection better. The whole collection really played up their mixing and matching, pairing orange leopard prints and metallic gold jackets with camo shorts and denim jackets. This fusion of aesthetics made a collection that’s visually complex, making it all the more unique and uber cool.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung’s show was definitely one of the most talked about shows. His collection focused around one very key question: Who gets to be American? The U.S has always been a very diverse country, filled to the brim with different cultures and ideologies. This diversity is beautiful, but in the political climate of today, this diversity can become endangered. Gurung made this diversity the focal point of his show and celebrated it with his stunning collection filled with fabrics and prints inspired by different cultures that have influenced America. On the runway, Gurung also brought out an incredibly diverse range of models that helped further emphasize the philosophy behind the collection. Gurung’s clothing was also 90% made locally in New York City and is a stunning example of artisanal work and also celebrates American culture sans global influence. Gurung’s collection is a tour around the world and an exploration of the American identity. The ensembles themselves are diverse and feature many different types of craftsmanship and each ensemble has its own story to tell. All of this makes Gurung’s collection the most poignant and relevant one at NYFW this season.

NYFW stood out this year for its incredible diversity and boldness. From bold prints to colours to statements, nothing about these season’s shows were meek. This season truly had memorable collections and I can’t wait to see what next season will bring us!

Feature Image Credit To Tommy Hilfiger’s Official Twitter 

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