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The Top Three Netflix Original Movies To Watch

April 16, 20183 min read

This past week was my spring break. I did not go anywhere, so I did what any typical teen would do in this situation. I turned my laptop on, logged into Netflix, and looked through the selections. Nothing was really popping out at me, and I was becoming frustrated. I decided to look at the Netflix original movies and found three that I watched start to finish. I was really surprised at how well these movies were made.


  1. What Happened to Monday: In an overpopulated, future world, there are new laws that only allow each couple to have one child. Any other children will be taken away by the government and put into a deep sleep until the world’s population is at a safe level. This law even goes for multiple births, such as twins or triplets. Only one of these children is allowed to live. The movie follows one family of sextuplet girls, who have managed to live in hiding until adulthood. Their secret is that they all pretend to be one person, Karen Settman, one day a week. Everything is going fine until one of them doesn’t return home one day.
  2. Bright: Bright was a very good movie, and surprised me in many ways. This movie is set in a future and fantasy world where creatures and humans live together. A species called Orcs and more or less considered to be of a lower class, and are often subject to hate and racial prejudice. A human cop (played by Will Smith) is teamed up with an Orc cop. They are placed in a situation where they have to race to find a weapon that everyone is looking to find, and will literally kill for. The movie is full of action and, talks about prejudice in a different way.
  3. To the Bone: The film is about our main character Ellen (played by Lily Collins), and her struggle to battle anorexia. The story starts with her leaving a hospital very unhealthy, and in a last attempt to survive her illness, she is admitted to a “different” kind of rehab, with unconventional methods and doctor (played by Keanu Reeves). This movie can be very relatable to many people, as it portrays the topic in an un-romanticized, realistic way. I really love how raw this film was, and how it made a great attempt to end the stigma around mental illness, especially eating disorders.

Overall, these three movies have become my favorite Netflix original movies out of all the ones that I have watched. When you are in the mood for a good movie, give these three a try, you won’t regret it.

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