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So You Want to Change Your Style?

August 22, 20172 min read

Completely changing your style is a bold yet challenging move to make, but if you have the right motives and you’re committed, then it could be a huge success for you!

Here are some tips to help you on your new journey…. 

1. It’s all about You

Remember, no one should tell you how to dress. Finding your new style shouldn’t be for someone else, it should make you and only you happy, confident and comfortable. If you’re not feeling happy in your clothes, then chuck them out.

2. Re-invent your old clothes

Have fun and be creative with this tip. Change up your old clothes and make them look new and improved. You can do this by adding embroidery onto your plain t-shirts, cutting an old top and cropping it, maybe even distressing your old jeans? You can reinvent your old clothes and make them look more personalised to your style. If you’re lacking inspiration, go online, search up things that you like and enjoy. Maybe you could go outside and walk around — look at what others are wearing, and if you like it then try to incorporate and attune it to suit your style. Just be creative.

3. Don’t know what style you should try?

As I said before, changing your style can be a difficult thing to do personally and by yourself, so if you do feel a bit stuck then that is completely normal.

However, you can overcome this feeling by exploring your different options. Such as asking your friends for advice, going online and researching styles you like or don’t know about, incorporate styles you see on the streets and read magazines.

Here are different styles that you can explore:




Changing your style doesn’t mean you should change who you are, it means you should dress how you want the world to see you. 

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