The Ultimate Paris Bucket List

February 18, 20196 min read

Planning a trip to Paris, France? Or are you simply daydreaming about the day you’ll visit The City of Light? Is your Pinterest mood board lacking inspiration? Don’t worry — this bucket list is the ultimate guide to everything you need to help you plan the perfect trip to Paris.

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Kilometre Zero

Kilometre Zero, famously known as Pointe Zero, is recognized as the heart of Paris. Believed to be the very heart of Paris, Kilometre Zero is a landmark you have to stop by when visiting the City of Light. If you are at all familiar with the young adult novel, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, then you are already well acquainted with this renowned yet far too often missed landmark.

The novel hones in on Perkins’s idea that if you visit the Kilometre Zero in France, it automatically guarantees another visit to Paris. Perkins also states that the landmark can be used for making wishes that are bound to come true.

“In other words, it’s the point from which all other distances in France are measured. It’s the beginning of everything.” — Étienne St. Clair in Anna and the French Kiss

Photo credit: Kaycee Wilson

While you’re at it, you can also catch a glimpse of the remarkable Notre Dame. While you walk along the Seine River, stop at the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore to view the endless shelves of delightful classics. But first, don’t forget to make a wish at Pointe Zero . . .

A Picnic Beneath the Eiffel Tower

What could be more magical than having an unforgettable picnic beneath the glowing lights of the Eiffel Tower? Oh, that’s right — nothing.

Pack yourself a savoury lunch full of all the works — du pain, macarons, shortbread biscuits, strawberries, sparkling water — and of course, you can’t forget a bouquet of pretty flowers in order to make for the perfect Insta-worthy picture.

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Engage in some people watching — observe the tourist in berets, the man a little way down, playing the accordion, the countless couples staring starry-eyed at the magnificent tower. Enjoy the marvelling sight and the atmosphere as you kick back and delight in your belle picnic.

Thrift Shopping

Le Marais, a district known for its gorgeous architecture and its high fashion, is a place you have to visit when in Paris.

As you take in the sights of the grand designs of the buildings before you, make sure to stop at the countless boutiques that line the cobblestone streets. From makeup to high-end fashion, Le Marais is full of countless different shops for every taste.

However, if you’re interested in scoring a few vintage Parisian pieces, visit some thrift stores for vintage Ralph Lauren dress shirts and Tommy Hilfiger jackets. Take your time sifting through ageless pieces — who knows? Perhaps you’ll end up with a vintage designer piece from some fabulous French girl!


Located in our previous location, Le Marais, Merci is the perfect Parisian experience. Whether you’re on the hunt for your next epic read or you’re a fashion connoisseur in search of the perfect scarf to pair with that dress, this bookstore-café-boutique has got it all. Literally.

Step into a charming, vintage café full of the umber round tables and lined with shelves and shelves of books. Sit down and order an espresso with a pastry or a turnover and dive into a new and compelling book.

When you’re through reading, walk a little further and find yourself in fashion galore! From high-end dresses that are gorgeous for spring, ideal trench coats for autumn in Paris, and numerous other pieces, this boutique has it all. Sift through endless clothes till you find something you like — whatever your style may be, you are bound to find something in this stunning shop.

Step out back and Merci’s appeal doesn’t end there. In the back of this bookstore-café-boutique, you’ll find yourself standing in a scene straight out of a movie. With vines climbing along the building and a glance into the bookstore, take a photograph in front of the red vintage cab that sits out back. With a license plate that reads MERCI, this sweet car is the perfect cherry on top.

Photo credit: Kaycee Wilson

Paris is one of the world’s loveliest destinations with an endless amount of sights to see and things to do. On your next trip, make sure you cross off at least one of these things from your list.


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