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The Volez Voguez Voyagez Louis Vuitton Exhibition

November 19, 20172 min read

The Volez Voguez Voyagez Louis Vuitton Exhibition is located at 86 Trinity Pl, New York, NY 10006. This exhibit opened on Oct. 27, 2017, and closes on Jan. 7, 2018, so it is still open for visitations.

My visit on Nov. 10 gave me a historical outlook on the origin of the brand that many people cherish; it helped me learn a lot about the French brand that fills up people’s closets around the world.

Upon entering, I received a book and went on a tour that helped guide me around the exhibit.

Photographer: Hubert Zukowicz
Model: Natalia Sayedarous

In the hallway leading to the first floor, there was an animated screening of a Louis Vuitton train passing by every 30 seconds. This represented the journey that Louis Vuitton took to establish his brand that was founded in 1854. As I continued walking down the hallway of the exhibit, I reached a floor full of vintage boxes and trunks. This was shown, because before his great success, at the age of fourteen Louis Vuitton traveled on foot to Paris from Eastern France, he was hired as a box maker. After his company was founded and it became well known by higher people, luggage’s were introduced.

Louis Vuitton’s son, Georges and his grandson Gaston-Louis took over his success and in 1890, a major improvement was made to the luggage, allowing them to be opened with a key.

In the early twentieth century, the steamer bag was introduced, and it had a major impact on the hand bag industry. Bags could not be folded and stored away when they weren’t being used.

The exhibit also showed the first clothes and material by Louis Vuitton.

Overall the exhibit looked deeply and brought us back to the past. I was able to see not only the beauty of the brand, but the history of how it became what it is today.

This exhibit is currently going on. Give it a visit to get a hands on experience and take many amazing photos. You will have a great time and receive a free pin.

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