Now Reading: The Wombats Drop Their Fourth Album: ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’


The Wombats Drop Their Fourth Album: ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’

February 12, 20183 min read

The Wombats first came to public knowledge with their 2007 smash-hit “Let’s Dance To Joy Division” and have made themselves a firm staple in the UK indie-rock scene since.

It seems they’re still as strong as ever with their newest album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life.

The band, formed in Liverpool, kicked off the album cycle with the single “Lemon To A Knife Fight,” which shows off their typical quirky lyrics wrapped in a catchy, repetitive instrumental. The song includes the lyrics: “Lipstick on the backseat / Saliva on the dash / I’ve clawed my way out of here before / But I keep on coming back.”

“I wanted to make an album that had more swagger, was a bit more laid back, something that wasn’t punching you in the face every time you listen to it,” Murph said.

This is apparent as soon as you listen to this album — as when listening to previous singles by the band — all of them are anthemic and completely grab you, whereas all the singles off this album (“Lemon To A Knife Fight,” “Turn” and “Cheetah Tongue”) are all a lot more mellow in comparison.

“Cheetah Tongue” kicks off the album and does a good job at it; the song is like no other the band has released.

The Wombats told Billboard, “‘Cheetah Tongue’ is a song about dealing with the pressures of adulthood and failing miserably. It’s the opening song on the album and probably the most psychedelic.” It’s definitely one of the stand out tracks on the album alongside “Black Flamingo,” “White Eyes” and “Ice Cream.”

The band, consisting of Matthew Murphy, Tord Overland Knudsen and Dan Haggis, are set to have a very busy tour schedule in the upcoming months, doing worldwide headline shows in huge venues, and they are opening up for Weezer and Pixies in a U.S. summer tour.

The album is a definite change in what their audience is used to hearing from them, but from looks of the social media buzz, it’s going down well with their fanbase. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life is now available to stream and buy.

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