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Time’s Up Quietly Continues for the Second Time at the Golden Globes

January 7, 20194 min read

The Golden Globes round up many A-Listers and viewers for their 76th annual award show. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored the critically acclaimed films, television shows, and their rightful creators and staff. Spoiler Alert: the biggest winners of the night were Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek, and Glenn Close.

Before the night of surprises, celebrities showcased their glitz and glamor for the red carpet.

During last year’s Golden Globes, almost every celebrity wore black as a symbol to show support for the Time’s Up movement, which emphasized that enough was enough for the harassments, sexual assaults and inequality of Hollywood. Time’s Up was founded by Hollywood celebrities amidst the #MeToo movement, which broke the silence of multiple sexual assaults in the workplace, especially the infamous Harvey Weinstein’s case.

A year later, the Time’s Up movement quietly made it through the Golden Globes as they marked their words as “Time’s Up X2” in ribbons and bracelets. Many celebrities continued to show their support.

Co-hosts of the 2018 Golden Globes, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg wore “Time’s Up X2” as accessories.

Actresses such as Amber Heard, Claire Foy, Oliva Colman, Gina Rodriguez, Sofia Carson, Amy Adams, D’Arcy Carden and Caitriona Mary Balfe individually took part of the change through their dresses, purses, and wrists.

As for the actors, Jason Ralph wore a bow tie and Evan Peters wore a bracelet.

After actress Regina King received a Globe for her role in If Beatle Street Could Talk, she used the platform of her acceptance speech to express Time’s Up X2’s message. King also vowed that at least 50% of people involved in her future production’s projects would be women and challenged others to do the same.

The spark of Time’s Up took an unexpected turn when Ryan Seacrest controversially talked about his Time’s Up bracelet live on E! Red Carpet. Last year, Seacrest was facing allegations against his former-stylist Suzie Hardy. Hardy wrote a personal memoir for Hollywood Reporter sharing her powerful story. Seacrest was also criticized last year for his “creepy comments” towards Katy Perry on American Idol.

Time’s Up has become a historic movement that engages victims to tell their stories with the knowledge that supporters will continually protect and spread their words. It’s an evolving platform to change society and the views of people. Time’s Up made a big bang as multiple celebrities became proactive last year. Though less prominent, the movement is no different this year, and it’s only spreading in various parts of the entertainment industry and around the world. Time’s Up will have an effect on the people sooner or later, and it will leave an everlasting mark.


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