To Be A Lesbian

September 25, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem because even though it can be hard, even though it can be isolating and painful, to be a lesbian is a beautiful thing.

It is anger

Driven by hatred that’s fueled by fear

A riot in the streets because that is the only way they’ll listen

It is a fight

The constant struggle of a starving wildcat

Living in a dying forest

Except she’s not living

She’s just surviving

Because moving from one fight to the next every second you’re awake is no way to live

Because defending every last shred of self from every




Is not how a self respecting queen of the jungle should live her life

It is an emptiness

In the pit of your stomach

Because you’ve realized that just existing as your true self is enough to make some people think you deserve to be hated

That you deserve pain

That you deserve death

It is a soaring feeling deep in your heart

Wind ruffling the down feathers under your wings

Because she smiled at you

Because a store clerk overheard your conversation and told you to be proud of who you are

Because falling asleep you imagine a future where you’re happy

Where you’re with the one

And she loves you

And you love her

And no one cares

That you’re different

Because she’s not a he

Or vice versa

It is love

A soft body next to yours

A warm presence on a cold morning

Long hair tangled in your fingers

Lipstick staining the rim of your mugs

It is two women deeply in love

And it



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