Now Reading: Treasure’s EP “Suffocation & Air” Focuses on Self-Acceptance and Diverse Love


Treasure’s EP “Suffocation & Air” Focuses on Self-Acceptance and Diverse Love

May 10, 20205 min read

Treasure, a music producer from Hertfosdhire County, United Kingdom, has experienced massive success with his releases—being featured on Spotify official playlists, COLORS and Apple Music. In addition, he received support from Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and Earmilk. 

Recently, Treasure released his nine-track EP from entitled Suffocation & Air—accentuating on self-acceptance and love in diverse forms.

“I started creating around the age of 12 when I met my friend Joe. We decided to start a band after realizing we liked similar bands. Fast forward a few years, we were gigging around our county under the name As You’re Falling, with our other bests mates Kieran and Connor,” Treasure said.

According to Treasure, he found it very hard to place his finger on a particular genre, but if he had to produce music for the rest of his life, he would focus on Alternative, Indie, Folk, R&B Soul and Lo-fi Pop.

“In the future, I want to get into writing and producing Pop Music for other artists and scoring cinematic films, but I’ve got a lot to learn before then!”

His EP Suffocation & Air unknowingly drew on influences from Homeshake, Rnie and Triathlon. According to Treasure, his biggest influences were Tyler, the Creator, Fall Out Boy and TTNG.

Every artist has their own formula when writing their songs. Treasure typically starts with a feeling then records melodies that accurately represent it.

“I always allow myself a few days to let the song breathe before trying to add lyrics. This gives me time to process exactly what I’ve been feeling and a more coherent plan to put them into words,” Treasure stated.

The idea of Suffocation & Air emerged after Treasure read a book called Stuffocation, a book about living more with less. “This book came at a time when I was overwhelmed with life in general. I had too many things to think about, too many “goals” to achieve and too many material objects I wanted to acquire. This book, along with my regular yoga practice taught me how to breathe again.”

Treasure wants others to feel “like they’re about to go to sleep on a cloud” when they first hear his EP for the first time. “Suffocation refers to how I felt in the past, Air refers to how I feel when I acknowledge this and how I want to live going forward.”

The singer’s leading single You & I portrayed the obstacles of expressing emotions and his apprehension of leaving home after undertaking an unnerving assault. The track describes the process of liberation after an extensive stage of emotional captivity.

Swim Deep, a downtempo song with a slow groove, can paint a vision of a diver swimming to the bottom of the ocean into the dark unknown. According to Treasure, the most important words in his song Swim Deep are, “We work so hard just to prove our own worth. Playing snakes and ladders just to rest in the dirt.”

He shared how hard his parents had to work to get where they are and the toll it took on their health, self-esteem and marriage. “This song is a protest and my personal way of saying that I won’t let the shackles of the world bring me down.”

According to Treasure, his EP is a combination of love songs and tracks that address the masculine and feminine sides of himself. “Breathe a little easier, don’t let the woes suffocate you.”

The singer recalled his most unforgettable gig at Bowes Lyon when he was a teenager. “The room was at full capacity; the crowd and band were in sync, and the energy was unmatched. That was the moment I decided; I want to make music my life.” In five years, Treasure sees himself creating less of his own music to focus on developing upcoming artists. Treasure leaves a message for upcoming artists who are producing their music, “Dive into it and focus on the execution of ideas rather than romanticizing the ideas themselves.”

Be sure to check out Treasure’s music and let us know your thoughts!


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