Now Reading: Troye Sivan Is Finally Back With His New Single “My My My!”


Troye Sivan Is Finally Back With His New Single “My My My!”

January 11, 20183 min read

Troye Sivan has finally premiered his new single ‘My My My!’, giving us our first taste of what is yet to come on his sophomore album, due to be released this spring.

The release was accompanied by a sensual music video which shows Troye really coming into his own, strutting and dancing through empty streets and abandoned warehouses. It was directed by Grant Singer — who has already worked with the likes of Lorde and The Weeknd — and went Number One on the U.S. iTunes Music Video Chart just an hour after its release. (WARNING: the video contains flashing images and is potentially unsuitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy)

“Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel.” — Troye Sivan talking about My My My!’

Synth heavy with an electrifying beat, a captivating chorus, and confidence practically oozing from the singer’s voice, ‘My My My!’ certainly has the potential to be a big radio hit. The song is Troye’s take on feelings of freedom, liberation, and love — a three-minute insight into what appears to be the singer’s very full, happy, and free heart. It resonates with so many of its listeners whilst still being very much personal to Troye himself, a balance that the 22-year-old has always been able to keep well.

The track is certainly something different from what we’re used to from the ‘YOUTH’ singer; it strays away from the predominantly melancholy feel of his previous songs and introduces us to a more freeing and uplifting vibe that we should be expecting to hear more of on his second album. He says that he now understands how to make the music that he’s always wanted to, but didn’t know how to before. ‘My My My!’ is still full of the raw emotion that is consistent throughout Troye’s debut album Blue Neighbourhood’, but the new single conveys it in a much more confident, lively, and upbeat way than most of the tracks on there, Troye himself saying that he doesn’t think he’s ever written a happy song before now.

Troye Sivan talking about ‘My My My!’ with Zane Lowe – Credit: Beats 1

With one new release under his belt less than two weeks into the New Year, 2018 is already looking exceptionally promising for the Troye. Whilst ‘My My My!’ is only our first taste of the singer’s new era before what he is promising to be “so much more to come”, its instant popularity and success can only suggest that 2018 is going to be the year that Troye takes the world by storm, and we’re so here for it.

Stream ‘My My My!’ here.

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