Now Reading: UPSAHL Serves Up a New Version of Her Hit ‘Drugs,’ Now Featuring Two Feet


UPSAHL Serves Up a New Version of Her Hit ‘Drugs,’ Now Featuring Two Feet

March 14, 20205 min read

UPSAHL is a talented indie-pop artist who is responsible for “Drugs,” a song that has blown up on TikTok, earning thousands of uses in various videos.

She has now returned with Two Feet, an artist known for his hit “Go F*** Yourself,” which also became TikTok famous. The pair teamed up to release a new version of “Drugs.” “When I first heard this song, I fell in love with the wonky production and UPSAHL’s vocals,” Two Feet shares. “I knew I needed to be on it. I’m excited to bring her out on tour too.”

“Drugs” opens with plucking electric guitar and UPSAHL sharing her annoyance with small talk: “So, you say you’re moving out of state/Soon as you graduate… interesting/(Yea),” the boredom is clear in her voice as she sings.

The slow dialogue-like lyricism helps to paint the picture of someone standing at a party, longing for a conversation to end. The music itself appears to slip and slide, creating a sound that mirrors someone’s eyes growing heavy and snapping back open. Frustration and annoyance are evident in the lyrics from the very beginning of the track.

After the background instrumentals, and a chorus of UPSAHL singing “oh,” wound up behind the lead vocal track, the beat drops. UPSAHL and Two Feet whisper the conclusion to the chorus, “I just came here for the drugs.”

The way the word “drugs” repeats, and the final whispered comment, completely open up about the point of the song — the duo is not at said party for the company, they’re seeking something. UPSAHL sings about not looking for closer relationships or companionship, but to feed her hunger for drugs. 

Two Feet now sings, sounding equally annoyed as UPSAHL in the first verse. An electronic moaning noise leads into UPSAHL singing “yea” before the song continues, “Talk to me about the limousine, you rented/’Cause you came here alone, you’re too drunk to drive home/(Yea).”

Another electronic moan is interjected before the duo sings, “I’m too busy, don’t have time for/Things you say that aren’t important/Where’s the bathroom at?/Leave me alone.” Two Feet’s introduction pairs with UPSAHL’s sentiments. He is willing to play a game of pretending to enjoy the party if it means he can placate his desire for something else.

The chorus repeats with the two singing it together, and then the final verse begins with UPSAHL singing alone. She whispers the last line: “But I just came here for the…”. It’s similar to the way she did with Two Feet earlier in the song, emphasizing the line’s importance. This verse expresses that everyone is guilty of having something to which they are addicted.

Attention — social media and connections are all just drugs to people. Two Feet and UPSAHL are simple and upfront about what they want to get, while everyone else is slightly more guarded or less self-aware.

“‘Drugs’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, and Two Feet is one of my favorite artists, so having him drop a verse just made good sense,” UPSAHL shares. “It’s so hype that everybody gets to hear a new version of the song with him on it.” Ultimately, “Drugs” sounds as though you’re wandering through a party, every person (the narrators included), seeking to serve their own selfish purpose.

You can stream “Drugs” everywhere!

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