January 30, 20182 min read

I wrote this poem after receiving my stickers from REDBUBBLE, most/all of my new stickers being about race, religion, mental health or feminism. My Mother gave me one of those mother looks and asked why everything needs to be a statement.

My mother likes to say that I have made my life a statement.

That letting my tongue fly free in the midst of misogyny

has made me

a statement.

That screaming for too many lost lives at the hands of policemen,

that wearing the flag of my people, not my country,

that daring to love someone for the depth of their mind

and not the size of their behind

has made my life

a statement.


People like to tell me to wrap my tongue up in cotton

let it dry out, slur and slow

so that I may become more temperate

choking me with my “statements”

to make it easier for you to swallow.

like the hair that doesn’t cover my ears,

the mind that cant handle my fears,

and the eyes that are drowning in tears

aren’t already made into your statements.


I do not have the option of wearing those shorts on a date,

for fear that they will be mistaken as a request to be raped,

And Good God! Isn’t that a STATEMENT!


My life has been made a statement

My sexuality has become appropriate dinner conversation

My wrist has become a canvas for my silenced statements

And I am done being quiet

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Marlow Saucier

Marlow is a high school sophomore in New England and, among other things, they aspire to be a writer and activist. When NOT with their nose in a book, they can be found eating raw fish, crushing gender roles, making dad jokes, and practicing alternative Wicca. Their Instagram is @m.saucier where they can be easily reached.