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Wear I Live’s Sustainable Gift Guide

December 24, 20198 min read

“Wear I Live”, also known as Jenny Welbourn, is a creative “focused on what we’re wearing, how we’re living, and its effect on the planet and its people.” She makes YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and writes on her website about how to better your life and the environment at the same time. Her content is rich with sensitivity and self-awareness. I got the chance to gather a gift list from Jenny, as she shared her favorite gifts to give, and some of her thoughts on the season itself.


Top 10 Picks


Baggu bags are made ethically and with care. They’re durable and they come in a variety of patterns and styles!

Gift card to Package Free Shop 

The Package Free Shop has a variety of locations and online options, each selling thoughtful products with limited waste!

Grow a Cocktail Herb Kit

Grow the ingredients to your next drink with this kit!

Cocktail Grow Kit

Image via Uncommon Goods


Sponsor an Animal in Someone’s Name –

Organizations such as  Woodstock Sanctuary (NY) and World Wildlife provide opportunities to sponsor or “buy” animals for someone!

I Think Mugs Always Make Great Gifts

Give the gift that can keep someone’s drink warm for years to come!

Concert Tickets 

Search concerts near you to treat yourself and a friend to an experience together! 

A Beautiful French Press

For the coffee addict (or future coffee fiend) in your life!

NOTO Botanics 3 in 1 lip/cheek stain 

A waste free, lovely and versatile beauty product!

Selva Negra Crown Scrunchie 

Sustainable scrunchies that can be worn as headbands, crowns and hair ties!


Keep drinks warm, cold and easily transportable!


Thoughts on the Gifting Season

How do you manage accepting presents, even if they’re not sustainable/ethical?

I’m at a point that I only really receive presents from loved ones who are most aware of my interests. However, when it comes to sustainability it can be confusing for others to navigate. In this situation, I usually make lists for my loved ones who insist on giving gifts! That way we have direct communication between us to make sure no money or resources go to waste. With others, I just think we can do our best to communicate about what we would hope for and I always try to recognize the steps that people around me change to make me feel more comfortable.


How do you balance being sustainable during such a consumerist season?

I try to plan out gifts ahead of time the best I can to make sure I have thought out any presents I’d like to buy. I think planning is the best way to make sure what you buy during the holiday sales are things that you actually want to buy. I personally believe that sales don’t have to be a bad thing but I do think that flash sales inspire mindless consumption, so it’s been nice to see brands offer sales for longer periods of time which doesn’t have the urgency factor. Behind all gifts, I think thoughtfulness is the whole point and the core of what gifts should mean. So I think if we can focus back on that it allows for more thoughtful consumption as well.

How do you remain low waste during a time where a lot of single-use plastics and products are so common?

I just continue to be more conscious while navigating these situations, as always! When it comes to parties I just try to avoid single-use plastics/cups or bring my own. Wrapping presents can be a huge point of waste; it’s super easy to reuse old newspapers and draw on top to make it a little more personal or just wrap in reusable bags and save them afterward. 


What are your main tips for those trying to celebrate sustainability?

Be in the mindset to learn, fail, and recreate your lifestyle. There are many things we might already do that could be sustainable, so I don’t recommend “starting over” rather than repurposing, reusing things we already have. The best tip to keep in your mind at all times is: use less, use for longer. With that mindset, it guides consumption and the waste we create. I also recommend regaining a connection with nature if this is something you have lost or maybe not focused on for a while. The more I feel connected to the natural world, the more inspired I am to do my best to protect it. There are always a bunch of little tips to change but the mindset has to happen first!

The word “sustainable” has begun to lose some of its meaning – what does it mean to you?

It’s hard to watch this term become a marketing scheme to many – but it has been so important for more and more people to think about what sustainability means in their lives. For me, it means working towards creating a better system to protect and regenerate our Earth while also providing more stability for all people. It feels almost like consciousness and a relationship with nature to me. 


Featured image via Local Wolves

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