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Who are the Real Monsters?: A Review of The Official Trailer of “A Quiet Place: Part II”

January 5, 20207 min read

Monsters, silence, but what is left of the Abbott family? Turns out the “A Quiet Place” story is not quite over and that the noise-attracting monsters aren’t the only thing to be feared of in this post-apocalyptic world.

As the teaser previously hinted, the Abbotts are now on the road to discover a new home. However, from the newly released official trailer, it is clear that not only are they on a journey to find a safe space, but also to battle against monsters and humans- alongside seeking allies in order to survive.

The trailer begins with a shot of Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) in a dark shaded, small area looking somewhat fearful at whatever is ahead. The use of this scene emphasizes that Evelyn is now the main protagonist of the movie- after the first movie portrayed Lee Abbot (John Krasinski) as the main protagonist. The opening shot also cleverly adds to the horror aspect of the movie, by showing the audience how terrified Blunt is. The scene then cuts to a black screen announcing that it is “Day 1”. Initially, I thought this meant it was Day 1 of their journey outside their home in order to find a new place to stay. However, it turns out it is Day 1 of the whole apocalypse- the first day the monster’s came to this world. In the previous movie, we gained little insight into the past that led to the post-apocalyptic world, but more so the aftermath. That being said, does this mean we will now gain a full understanding of what happened and how? Or a least how the sudden presence of these creatures led the Abbott family making their home so anti-noise based? Furthermore, in this scene the boy mentions ‘Dad’ – meaning we might see some more of John Krasinski’s acting, despite the previous fate of the character in the first movie.

So far, from this official trailer and the teaser, we know that there is an obvious return of Evelyn, Regan, Marcus Abbott and the baby. Despite this, the trailer hints to two other key characters that are played by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou. Though I believe they will both play important roles, from the extent of screen-time and dialogue Cillian Murphy had in this trailer,  I think his character will have a bigger impact on the story-line than Djimon’s character. So far, it seems as if his character will be more of an ally than an enemy. However, it is also possible that his character may fake being an ally and then betray them. In addition, it could be that it is in fact Djimon’s character that plays the enemy. Though from the trailer, he seems to be an ally of Murphy’s character- perhaps he is the one to betray Murphy’s character, making him so against trusting the humans….?

Regarding this trailer, my main concern- rather than the monsters, or the others- is the survival of the newborn baby… As we all know, babies are prone to crying whenever they want. Thus making them an easy target for the noise-attracted monsters. The result of this may be the baby’s death, or the downfall of the Abbott family in general.  More importantly, we see a scene when Murphy’s character sees the baby in the sound-proof basket. Evelyn Abbott’s reaction to him seeing the baby is simply whispering “please”. Therefore showing that even she fears that the baby will be a threat to him and worries of his motives against the baby in order to maintain his own survival. However, through the rest of the trailer, it seems as Murphy’s character becomes somewhat of an ally to the Abbot family, suggesting that perhaps he is willing to help them, regardless of the threat the baby may muster.

Moreover, in the trailer, we see Marcus (Noah Jupe) hearing voices in his headset- instantly confirming that there is other life in the world, despite the presence of such deadly monsters. That being said, Evelyn Abbott believes that she needs to contact and help the others. However, Murphy’s character seems to have a clear opposing view on the subject matter. Instead, he believes that there are some people that definitely are not in any need of being saved and are better left alone. At this point of hearing this off-screen voice, we see Blunt’s character pull a gun, showing that the enemy is no longer just the monster’s but the humans too.

Overall, I think the trailer did well to mark out the plot of the second chapter of A Quiet Place. However, that being said, the trailer still left a lot of mystery regarding what role everyone played and who the real enemy would be. Therefore, adding to the suspense of us all having to wait until the release of the movie to find our answers. Moving on, before the release of the official trailer on new years day, the Instagram page posted an announcement stating the release of the trailer the following day, but also said that it is “where the path ends”. This opens us to many interpretations including could this be the end of the Abbott family or simply the final chapter of the story?

TheA Quiet Place Part II will be released in cinemas on March 20, 2020.


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