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The Most Glamorous Looks of 2019

January 5, 202010 min read

Fashion closed off the decade with a bang! Celebrities were graciously styled to present a montage of fashion trends throughout the year. Whether it’s through a minimalist street style or an elegant performance on the red carpet, celebrities have given us trends that are nostalgic or easy to follow! The year of 2019 proved the expectations and reality of it.

Here are the most glamorous looks of 2019 accounted by their respective months.


Lupita Nyong’O at the 77th Golden Globe Awards (Images via @LupitaNyongoLA and @TheFashionCourt).

Event: 77th Golden Globe Awards 
Celebrity: Lupita Nyong’O
Designer: Calvin Klein

Lupita Nyong’o kicked off the year with a deep cobalt blue gown to the Golden Globe Awards. The custom gown by Calvin Klein fitted her goddess body like a glove. The fringe dress formed an oval neckline that drips down with the silver droplet beads. Nyong’o kept the jewelry and makeup to a minimum to let the gown do all the talking.


Kiki Layne at the Academy Awards (Images via @TheFashionCourt).

Event: 91st Academy Awards 
Celebrity: Kiki Layne
Designer: Atelier Versace

As a presenter at the Oscars, Kiki Layne looked divine in a simple, yet distinctive baby pink gown. The Versace gown had a “business in the front, party in the back” presentation. The neckline swept across Layne’s chest onward to the back. The ruffled bow was vividly dramatic to enjoy. However, her best feature was her smile.


Zendaya at the Tommy x Zendaya launch (Images via @Zendaya and @closetdaya).

Event: Tommy x Zendaya Fall 2019 at Paris Fashion Week 
Celebrity: Zendaya
Designer: Zendaya

Zendaya’s exclusive collection with Tommy Hilfiger took the fashion world back in time to the glamorous 70s. Upon the launch, Zendaya wore pieces from her collection which coordinated well from head to toe. The silk pattern dress had a design of its own with a mixture of dull and bright colors. The maroon leather jacket, belt and knee-high boots collectively pulled the outfit together. Zendaya is truly a fashion icon!


Maguy Bou Ghosn at Murex D’or (Images via @MaguyBouGhosn).

EventMurex D’or
Celebrity: Maguy Bou Ghosn
Designer: La Bourjoisie

Black can be the most overrated color to wear at a red carpet, but Maguy Bou Ghosn pulled a twist on it. La Bourjoisie gown stuns with an assortment of colors towards the bottom. The shimmery pastel colors do not overlap, but are parallel to one another. The design is shaped as a loose diamond formatting the transparent gown. It’s playful yet elegant.


Ezra Miller at the Met Gala (Images via @hp_5648).

Event: Met Gala
Celebrity: Ezra Miller 
Designer: Burberry

Ezra Miller did not let anyone breathe at the Met! Miller wore a basic yet stylish suit by Burberry that defied gender roles. The suit is lined in thin white onward to the slit skirt. A rhinestone corset hugs Miller’s figure making a statement. Ezra Miller creates an illusion of eyes to thrive and stand out from the crowd. The red lip is classic to finish the look.


Lucy Liu at the Tony Awards (Images via @Miki_Trent and @Mizuski).

Event: 73rd Tony Awards 
Celebrity: Lucy Liu
Designer: Christian Siriano

Lucy Liu looks glorious in the purple tulle gown by Christian Siriano, but, this is no ordinary tulle gown.  Siriano pulled the v-neck into a twist by overlapping a strapless bra silhouette. The gown is puffed in layers making a subtle dramatic scene. The emerald accessories finished the look.


Bride Christina Mourad (Images via @eliesaabworld and @lebaneseweddings).

Event: Wedding of Elie Saab Jr. & Christina Mourad
Celebrity: Christina Mourad
Designer: Elie Saab

This is the wedding gown of your dreams. The gown accommodates several designs of Art Deco including geometric designs and clear lines. Each embellishment featured crystals and beads to structure the gown. The cutoff halter/sweetheart top undersets tones of a light blush as the embroidery is golden. Mourad looks enchanted.


Paola Turani at the Venice Film Festival (Images via @paolaturani and @tonywardcouture).

Event: Venice Film Festival
Celebrity: Paola Turani
Designer: Tony Ward

Paola Turani stuns in Tony Ward. The silver sequins dress is extravagant. The solo color and design do not make it boring and it is unforgettable. Under the light, the gown shimmers into an ethereal bloom. The gown is ready at any angle for photographs and Turani’s gracious makeup look perfectly complemented the ensemble. Ward and Turani delivered a scene.


Lily Collins at the Bazaar Icons Gala (Images via @georgeshobieka).

Event: Bazaar Icons Gala
Celebrity: Lily Collins
Designer: Georges Hobeika

Let’s be real, the olive green tulle top is not eye catching. As for the translucent diamond skirt, it’s definitely memorable. The large diamonds hanging on by a simple feather belt is dominating. The pattern of the skirt showcases yellow beads, black and silver rivoli beads and the large diamond. Collins made the haute couture two-piece into a ready-to-wear casualty.


Beyoncé at the Grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios (Images via @beyonce).

Event: Grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios
Celebrity: Beyoncé
Designer: Yoursef Al Jasmi

Beyoncé can do no wrong. The shimmery yellow gown vividly shapes Beyoncé into Aphrodite. The dress is shorten up by half an inch on the sleeves and an inch from the bottom which is a good call. If not, the dress would’ve eaten Beyoncé. As for the jewelry, Beyoncé kept it minimalistic with dangling rhinestones and rings. The bold lip of orange concealed the look for the month.


Eiza Gonzalez at the Dior Guggenheim International Gala (Images via @eizagonzalez).

Event: Dior Guggenheim International Gala
Celebrity: Eiza Gonzalez
Designer: Dior

Eiza Gonzalez took print and embroidery to a whole other level. The button up shirt has a story of its own. The top has tones of shamrock green and brown while images of eagles and wildlife dominate the look. As for the transparent maxi skirt, the embroidery flaunts a scenery of a wild jungle against the tulle. Eiza Gonzalez delivered a movie with an unforgettable print and embroidery that is worth watching all over again.


Cationa Gray at Miss Universe (Images via @Camilo_F12)

Event: Miss Universe

Celebrity: Catriona Gray
Designer: Mak Tumang

Catriona Gray ended the decade with a show-stopping custom gown by Mak Tumang — who designed her dress for Miss Universe last year. The gown is marvelous with ocean blue inspirations clashing and crashing against Gray’s bodice. The beaded gown transitions to a mermaid tail and the mermaid tail is formed by stiff feathers continuing the color scheme of ocean blue. Mak Tumang truly outdid himself!

2019 has delivered countless looks throughout the year. Some more innovative than others by the detailed embroidery and the development of a gown. Designers like Mak Tumang and Elie Saab have truly changed the game with their imaginative ideas. The complexity and creativity of fashion this year is vividly presented in each month.

Featured Image via @eliesaabworld.

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