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Hainan Airlines in Haute Couture

July 22, 20171 min read

Haute Couture Fashion Week 2017 took place last week in Paris. Beautiful and elegant creations were displayed in the most wondrous, classic venues, that almost outshone the designs… almost.

The Laurence Xu Haute Couture show not only presented Xu’s brilliant new creations but mixed a practical and sophisticated uniform with an aesthetic and modern Haute Couture. The flight-attendants of Hainan Airlines have a whole new look. Hainan Airlines is the 4th largest airline in the People’s Republic of China and has paired up with designer Laurence Xu to create brand new uniforms for the cabin crew, with a Chinese, oriental twist.

“We would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy.” he said.

The inspiration draws from Chinese motifs and the traditional one-piece dress, the cheongsam. However, Xu hasn’t gone directly down this path, he has also tied in professionality and practicality, displayed by the modern suit and collar. The stewardesses made a bold statement with their patterned dressed along with grey, tailored coats, capes and Berea style caps, whilst the men rocked their more simple and sophisticated light grey suit.

As Hainan Airlines states, themselves and Laurence Xu created over 1,000 sketches and tried more than 100 samples before deciding on the final design which was presented in Paris last week.

The hard work and lengthy process paid off, as Paris Haute Couture week isn’t the only place these designs will be turning heads.

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