Now Reading: Why You Should Be Watching ‘Dear White People’ Instead of ’13 Reasons Why’


Why You Should Be Watching ‘Dear White People’ Instead of ’13 Reasons Why’

May 20, 20184 min read

13 Reasons Why, a novel by Jay Asher was turned into a Netflix Original show. It’s first season was incredibly successful and even (temporarily) made some viewers aware of what suicide is actually about and as it’s success grew everyday, a new season was ordered.

That is where the problem started. The full story has already been told but, for some reason, it was decided that the show should continue. Lots of viewers find the show problematic for multiple reasons, and season two only came to reinforce that, as new disturbing scenes made it into our screens, upsetting the majority.Now, another show that tries (and succeeds) to be “woke” is Dear White People, another Netflix Original that also has two seasons, in which the main theme is racism and how it affects black people.

Here are three reasons why you should be watching it instead of a show that romanticizes suicide:

  • 1- The positive LGBT representationResultado de imagem para lionel dear white people

Even though there are, in fact, LGBT characters in 13 Reasons Why, they were never written in a good way. Dear White People, on the contrary, has a character who’s been being well developed for 2 seasons now, Lionel Higgins.

And the thing that makes him even more special is that he isn’t the typical gay guy. Not that there’s anything wrong about being like most, but it’s refreshing to see that not every queer person follows certain stereotypes. There is also a new character, Kelsey Philips, an openly gay woman who is introduced in season two.


  • 2- It’s the perfect way to educate white people

There have been numerous occasions on the show (as well as in real life) where white people just don’t seem to get what an enormous problem racism is. But there’s one specific moment in Dear White People that is, in my opinion, the most memorable one.

It’s set on the fifth episode and it’s the moment where part of the Winchester students are at a party, there’s a rap song playing, and the n word is present in the lyrics. Addison, a white guy, sings along to it and repeats the word. What follows next is Reggie trying to educate him, but it only gets worse and worse, and as words keep leaving Addison’s mouth, he only becomes more racist.

But that’s not what should be taken from here, the real lesson is Reggie explaining how bad it is to say that word. How “it’s not a big deal” for white people, but it’s a huge deal to black people.


  • 3- Samantha White

Sam is not only the main character but also the most significant one. She gives this show life, just like she does to the students at Winchester. The way she never gives up and always keeps fighting back is what gives this show it’s sense of optimism. She is truly the “wokest” of all.

The world needs more people like her, and that’s precisely why Dear White People should be doing just as well as 13 Reasons Why. So people would actually see things from the right point of view and maybe even bring some of what the show tries to educate about to real life.

Dear White People has the potential to change things, and people need to start giving it the recognition it deserves.

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