Now Reading: Troye Sivan Announces The Release Date Of His Sophomore Album ‘Bloom’ On Stage With Taylor Swift


Troye Sivan Announces The Release Date Of His Sophomore Album ‘Bloom’ On Stage With Taylor Swift

May 20, 20183 min read

Clear your calendars for August 31st, because Troye Sivan has finally confirmed it as the release date of his highly anticipated sophomore album Bloom.

The announcement has come just a few weeks after the release of the album’s bright and bold title track, which you can listen to below.

From shrinking circles and internet silence to flashing billboards on Times Square, the 22-year-old has always kept us on our toes when it’s come to his new music releases, but this time he’s taken things one step further and has had global sensation Taylor Swift on-hand to help him announce Bloom’s release date.

Swift, who is currently on her Reputation Tour, invited Troye to perform a rendition of My My My! with her in Pasadena, which saw the duo strutting around the stage together in front of the 60,000-strong crowd, before they announced that Troye’s sophomore album would be out on August 31st.

Troye’s new era has seen him really coming into his own so far.

From the freeing and sensual My My My! to the cathartic ballad The Good Side and the captivating gay pop anthem Bloom, Troye has shown that his music hasn’t lost the personal touch that it has always had, but that he has grown enough both as an artist and as a person to be able to portray it more confidently now than ever before. The album is also going to feature a collaboration with none other than pop princess Ariana Grande and, with both artists releasing their albums within weeks of eachother, the second half of this year could easily see the duo dominating the music scene.

As an openly confident, proud and unashamedly gay artist, Troye has always served as a source of hope, courage and inspiration for both out and closeted members of the LGBTQ+ community alike and, from what we’ve seen so far, it looks as though Bloom might be Troye’s boldest and queerest statement yet — and we’re so here for it.

Whilst the release date means that Bloom won’t be out in time for it to be the summer soundtrack that many of Troye’s fans were hoping for, if the rest of the new tracks give us more of the upbeat vibes that Troye has already teased us with this year, this album might just be able to make the summer last a little bit longer.

Cover Image Courtesy of Troye Sivan on Twitter

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