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Yes Theory Is Changing the World and Here’s Why

September 6, 20184 min read

Today, big-time YouTubers consist of influencers such as PewDiePie, DudePerfect, Emma Chamberlain, David Dobrik, etc. The purpose of these channels are simply to entertain viewers, however, there is one that has a message and is determined to spread it. That channel is Yes Theory, and with nearly 2.4 million subscribers they are climbing up the Youtube hierarchy to spread their message of seeking discomfort.

Their channel began in 2015 after 4 strangers from different countries met in Canada. They were brought together after they shared a common interest in uploading videos of new experiences they were going to have for a month. They called it Project 30 and even managed to meet Trevor Noah and the Mayor of Montreal.

Since the start of their channel, they’ve come a long way and have completely transformed their content. Their team has grown, consisting of many members but mainly surrounding Thomas, Ammar, and Matt. Together they are expanding their message around the world. Their videos include being abandoned in foreign cities for 24 hours without money, inviting strangers to different social events, having Instagram followers control their lives and much more. But why are they so insistent on giving people experiences that at first may make them uncomfortable?

In our world today, people are having more and more trouble understanding each other. We have become so accustomed to what we are familiar with and we refuse to live new experiences. To the men of Yes Theory,

…Life can be as exciting and fulfilling as you wish. As long as you’re willing to seek discomfort

With every new video, they are finding ways to expose themselves to newness, often times bringing strangers along with them. Recently, they’ve gotten Will Smith to become apart of their journey, giving them a larger voice to reach more people. Smith understands the importance of pushing people to live lives that are filled with happiness and fulfillment so he’s agreed to jump from a plane over the Grand Canyon (one of his greatest fears) this year on September 25th, aka his birthday. Yes Theory plans to live stream the event but even behind such a thrilling video, there is yet another message. Although the clear message of “seek discomfort” still remains they are also advocating for people to find their “jump”. What is it in life that they struggle with and what will be their first step in overcoming it.

Popular videos on YouTube today consist of product reviews, vlogs, gaming, comedy skits, etc. Content meant to inspire aren’t often found on the trending page, however, Yes Theory is changing that. Although people may be clicking on their channel to watch videos they’ve never seen before of people becoming monks or flying to Rome for a first date (actual Yes Theory videos), they are still witnessing and receiving a life lesson. The Yes Theory men are consistently radiating positivity and promote living life with an open mind, exactly what YouTube and the world needs.

Photo via Yes Theory

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