The Supergirl Cast Just Disrespected Their LGBTQ+ Fans at SDCC

It’s Time to Stop Treating Non-Canon LGBTQ+ Ships as Jokes.

The CW’s Supergirl is a TV show that rose to success and headlines predominantly because of its LGBTQ+ fan base. Members of the community, especially ones of the targeted younger audience, were thrilled to see themselves represented in a healthy way. Sanvers — characters Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) — is one of the core couples of the series and gathered abundant praise. However, there is another ship that young women-loving-women and other LGBTQ+ fans have flocked to — Supercorp. Lena Luthor (Katie Mcgrath) and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) are not an official couple, but their scenes together suggesting a possible mutual desire raised some eyebrows and of course, earned them fans.


The cast is aware of this, they’re aware of the spike in views they get because of these couples, they know LGBTQ+ fans are starved of representation — and yet, on July 22, 2017, at San Diego Comic Con, they managed to royally screw it up.

Let’s start with Supercorp.

Things started on an initially innocent note when Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn on Supergirl, started singing to a beat made by other cast members in the room, including Katie Mcgrath and Melissa Benoist (the actresses who make Supercorp). He starts on about the Supercorp meeting, but then starts angrily shouting into the camera:

THEY’RE ONLY FRIENDS! THEY’RE ONLY FRIENDS! They’re not gonna get together, they’re only friends!” – Jeremy Jordan, SDCC 2017

His fellow cast members laugh in the background, however, LGBTQ+ fans were not at all happy.

Dana Piccoli says it best in her series of tweets. Here are a few.

Katie Mcgrath who’s character Lena Luthor is 1/2 of Supercorp has visibly been supportive of the ship’s fans in the past.

Although she did laugh along at SDCC, Mcgrath appeared to be uncomfortable.

And instead of making it better, Jeremy Jordan makes it worse. He later says “I just destroyed Supercorp.” Melissa follows up with “It was brave.” Unbelievable, right? But here’s the video to prove it.

Some may argue, they’re right, they are just friends! Stop making such a big deal! But just because two female characters are just friends and the ship is not official does not mean it is okay to invalidate it and make the whole fanbase sound delusional. The dialogue delivered about Supercorp was very offensive to hundreds, if not thousands of fans everywhere (just look at the retweets of the tweets shown).

Now onto Supergirl’s canon couple, Sanvers.


Floriana Lima who plays the lesbian character Maggie Sawyer (1/2 of Sanvers) was officially confirmed as recurring a while back, but at SDCC the following statement was released.

“Floriana is not able to return for the full season. […] We have an amazing, beautiful story to tell in her remaining episodes that is emotional, and modern, and really honors the love between these two women. And she is always welcome to come back to the show whenever she’s available. We love Maggie, we love Sanvers, and we’re devoted to them forever. – Jessica Queller, SDCC 2017

So, what does this mean for newly engaged Sanvers? There are numerous possibilities and rumors circulating around the fandom, like Lima’s character dying, breaking up with her fiancée, or even her leaving to attend to her child that has not (yet?) been introduced in the show but has in the comics. The most probable outcome is that the relationship will continue, but only off-screen. Meaning that Supergirl’s fan bases for these two ships will dwindle away.

Considering that the show rose to the fame it has acquired now because of Sanvers and Supercorp, what does this leave them with? Some say cancellation.


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  1. I enjoy the show. The relationships aren’t and shouldn’t be something that is a pivotal point in the series. It should just give girls, gay or straight, a hero… someone to look up to.

  2. Considering this show barely scraped by with its first season and it’s survival is predominely due to its lgbt fanbase. Melissa Benoist should already have a better understanding already coming from Glee with so many LGBT elements and people from there. Poorly handled, poor response and and now losing the lesbian ship on top of it will guarantee its downfall unless they make a massive turn around.

  3. Great article! ALTHOUGH I have to defend my girl Katie who did spoke up later on the interview and validated us

  4. Look at the scene of Supercops here… I’m bi but I never, Ever bitted my lips like that looking at a friend, never. Advise Melissa the gay card is up. HAHAAHAH

  5. Supergirl Season 2 was such a disappointment and the cast at SDCC are even more of a disappointment for mocking their fans. I don’t ship Supercorp, but that video clip was still so depressing to watch. I was kind of shocked considering this show reached out to a queer fanbase on its own. It’s a shame, but I definitely will not be watching Season 3.

    Thanks for writing this article. It covers the situation nicely.

  6. I have to disagree with the premise that Supergirl rose to prominence because of the LGBT fandom. I believe it was season 1 fans (of all sexualities) who reveled in Kara, who grew and became a true hero, willing to sacrifice herself for the Earth.

    Unfortunately, Kara’s character was sacrificed in season 2 for the development of Monel. She continued to tolerate his disrespect and finally gave in, becoming his trophy. SG is on life support and the Sanvers cannon and Supercorp ship may have given it more time, but unless the show gets back to Kara and her story, strength, and self-respect, it’s not going to last. Sad to see the devolution of a female hero.

  7. Come on give Katie some more credit. She at least tried to validate the LGBT community after the song. She seemed to be the voice of reason in that interview.

    Other than that I agree completely.

  8. Jeremy didn’t destroy Supercorp, he woke it up and pissed it off!

    The only thing we can hope for is with Sanvers gone (or at least on the way out from an onscreen perspective) Katie can slip in enough cutsie scenes with Melissa that we can get the writers to give us our endgame (I mean Jeremy plays Winn, he’s not one of the writers or part of the ship, what he says is just his opinion. Melissa telling him good job on the other hand…. well there’s a bruise on my face Katie thinks could be serious)

    If not there’s always reading fanfiction while we watch the show burn around them (There’s a lot of good Supercorp and Supercat fanfics out there and you don’t even need to look that hard for them)

  9. The cast should have been more professional & adult in their answers considering this is a work event & not the time & place to mock & bash the people responsible for your success

  10. Not to mention Floriana Lima was not even invited to attend Comic Con, even after Chyler Leigh dropped out. Supergirl producers and CW clearly do not really care about any LGBT representation. I thought they did because the Alex and Maggie relationship was handled so well (for a few episodes). Such a shame.

    Hopefully SyFy channel will create a new hour long Alien-crime-fighting show “Alex and Maggie: Ride or Die.”

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