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5 Reasons You Should Give NikiNSammy a Chance

September 3, 20173 min read

I’ve never been a huge fan of YouTube. The reason was that I had a hard time finding someone YouTube-famous who was relatable, but still naturally funny and charming. This changed when, one day, I found not one, but two YouTubers to look up to.

Niki and Sammy Albon, known by NikiNSammy on YouTube, are British twins who rose to fame by sharing their weight-loss story through their channel. After going viral, their channel kicked off, and they’ve since moved onto much-lighthearted content, such as music, food and celebrities. Videos are posted several times a week, and there’s always a new topic for them to cover. I instantly adored them, and, by the end of this list, I hope everyone else will give them a chance, and enjoy their channel as much as I do.

1. They, too, live on Stan Twitter.

Both twins are fans of K-Pop, and, in particular, enjoy the boy band BTS. Several videos reflect their enjoyment of the group, and they’ve been known to be just as excited about them on Twitter.

2. They love cooking– and eating.

Many of the twins’ videos feature simple recipes to cook, bake, and eat. These typically consist of dessert items, such as cookies and brownies. Sometimes, though, they just enjoy eating or talking about food. A recent video features them debating their favorite candy bars.

3. They don’t sugarcoat their feelings.

By now, you should know everything you need to about Jake Paul. So do Niki and Sammy– and they aren’t afraid to say how they feel about him and his antics. They recently made a reaction video to his “diss track”, and were completely honest with what they thought of it, to the hilarious anger of many of Paul’s fans. They even made their own diss track and music video in response, parodying what he did.

4. They interact with fans.

Despite their growing fame, they still make time to chat with fans online. They frequently reply to comments on their videos and will follow and DM fans who spread the word about them. They’ve also been known to join Twitter group chats created by fans. No matter how big they get, I hope this never changes.

5. They’re funny– but don’t try too hard.

Their sense of humor is natural, and this shows in their videos. They don’t try too hard to be quirky or relatable; that’s just a part of who they are.

I look forward to new videos from Niki and Sammy and hope to see their fan base grow even more.

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