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How to Treat Anxiety with Music and 4 Suggested Artists to Listen to

September 3, 20174 min read

Ever since the 1950s, when music first became an established profession, music therapy has been found to have had extraordinarily positive effects on its patients. Music therapy (for those who are unfamiliar with it) is a process in which music therapists “work with individuals of all ages to help them communicate, process difficult experiences, and improve motor or cognitive functioning.” But music therapy doesn’t have to be done by a professional; you can create a playlist that stimulates the same feelings. In order to do this, check out an article that I was inspired by here. In that article, it states that — when you are browsing your music library, you should primarily focus on tempo, volume, and harmony. Those three aspects can be incorporated to fit how you are feeling both on the inside and on the outside.

When discovering that the music I listened to had a bigger impact on my mood than I realized, I started creating my own playlists and asking some friends for suggestions. Below are just five artists that I have found to relieve me of my anxiety, including a few suggested by friends. Keep in mind that these songs may not work for you, but it’s worth a shot. If you find that you prefer a different style of music — test out songs that are already in your library!

Billie Eilish

Just a single listen to her debut album “don’t smile at me” will take you on a trip through multiple characters and stories. I find that her music is perfect to listen to when I am feeling anxious and am in need of an escape from reality. Billie’s soothing voice and chilling lyrics will surely be the ideal combination to forget about all of the stress in your life and soak yourself in the personality of a girl who has just dumped her boyfriend over the phone as Billie does in “party favor”.

Sleeping At Last

If you’re not in the mindset to listen to Billie and are simply in need of a calming voice accompanied by a piano, Sleeping At Last is the band for you. I have just recently gotten into them, but the first minute of their song “Turning Page” is enough to steady my heart rate and calm my nerves. Their music is for the people who prefer instrumentals to beats while still getting beautiful lyrics.

With Confidence

If you dislike the music that Billie makes and prefer a louder tone than Sleeping At Last – With Confidence may be a good alternative. They are more of a true rock band with their in-your-face instruments and lyrics, making them the perfect band to listen to when you’re angry at the world and wish you could shout away your problems. Their song “Dinner Bell” was suggested to me by a friend and, after listening to it, I felt that it summed up a good percentage of the feelings I get when I’m anxious.


Upon having to choose a fourth and final artist, I felt it was only fair to resort to the chill, R&B sounds of Khalid. As a teenager himself, his music encompasses the feelings of us “Young Dumb & Broke” high school students. (See what I did there?)

His debut album “American Teen” is easy to listen to, so when you’re anxious and need someone to listen to whose music provides a nice rhythm, give Khalid a try.

Honorable Mentions:

Logic (Rap, Hip-Hop), The 1975 (Alternative), Frank Ocean (R&B) and The Neighbourhood (Alternative).


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