Now Reading: A Playlist of Underrated Female Rappers That Deserve Your Attention


A Playlist of Underrated Female Rappers That Deserve Your Attention

August 6, 20174 min read

Despite Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, Young Ma, and other prominent female rappers, the rap industry is dominated by men. There is a drought of female rappers, so here I am to quench your thirst; I’ve compiled a list of female rappers who have good lyrics and good beats that you may or may not have heard of before.

PARI$ – Nasty

Her lyrics embrace female sexuality with tones of popular music and Afrobeat vibes.

Princess Nokia – Brujas

She’s an androgynous Calvin Klein model, she shows her femininity in Apple Pie  and her masculinity in Tomboy. You may better know her from her Bitch  101 video. She’s an overall baddie with great beats.


Cardi B – Lick

From Love and Hip-Hop, Cardi B is here to remind us that self-indulgent, mean muggin lyrics aren’t just for the boys.


Honey Cocaine – Coconuts

Cambodian rapper Honey Cocaine shows that female rappers are giving the boys a run for their money, literally. In Coconuts Honey gives a  vacation-esque mood.


Leikeli47 – B*tch Switch

In one of my anthems, Leikeli47 blesses us with a bumping bass and a “don’t mess with me” explicit song.


Maliibu Miitch – Crush On You

This track takes us back to old school rap vibes, Lil Kim was the inspiration for this one.


Ray BLK – My Hood

One of my favorites, and for good reason. Here, Ray BLK pays tribute to authentic black culture and her roots. The struggle, the music, the people, it’s all there.



Nadia Rose – Skowd

Guess who’s back? Its Nadia Rose with the bars and the beats.


IAMDDB – Leaned Out

This one is reminiscent of Tropical House music with a chill and vibey aura.


Keke Palmer – Wind Up

Keke earned her place as an actress, but did you know she made music? She does and it’s great. Her roots and confidence take center stage in this one.


Njenna Reddd Foxxx – Silly B*tch

Another explicit rap track with bad lyrics and an even better beat.


Tommy Genesis – Empty

Tommy sings about love and self-worth in this slow beat riding tune.


Jessica Reyez – Gatekeeper

A song about sexual harassment in the music industry where a lot of times women can be reduced to their bodies and sexuality and not the quality of their music.


If you’re interested in more female rappers you can find them on this Twitter thread.

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