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Ariana Grande Shuts Down Diva Rumors, Once Again

August 17, 20173 min read

Since the beginning of her career, diva rumors have plagued Ariana Grande. It seemed like these rumors had finally gone to rest this year, until Grande played a sold-out show in Seoul, South Korea on August 15.

After Grande posted an adorable video of herself singing the Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There” on her Instagram, some of her fans flooded the comment section accusing her of not having time to do the scheduled meet and greet that cost fans hundreds of dollars. Of course, anyone would be completely distraught if this happened to them, so calling her out is understandable and justified.

Except for the fact that nothing of the sort happened that night in Seoul. After the ill-informed backlash began to ensue, Grande and company set the record straight in a series of shady posts. Ariana’s long-term photographer Alfredo Flores tweeted in response to a concerned fan, “She wasn’t late. The meet and greet was incredible – nothing was cancelled [sic]?” Meanwhile, Grande posted a comment on Instagram saying, “Yo meet n greet was so fun today,” followed by a confused emoji. Later, on her Instagram Story, Grande posted two photos from Seoul’s meet and greet session with the caption “lol we had fun today.”

Alfredo Flores confirms the Grande rumors are false.


Ariana Grande responds to meet and greet cancellation rumors.

This is not the first time the ponytail-wielding princess had to shut down the false rumors directed at her. Back in 2014, during a backstage interview at a Las Vegas performance, in response to being asked if she is ready to “just hide” with all of the things being said about her, Grande said “If any of the things they were saying were true I would mind it, but… They’re not,” she continues “I just sort of, have to focus and stay on track and do what my family has always told me which is just, like, know my truth, work hard, be nice to everyone you meet…”

And while this tweet is almost three years old, it is still just as relevant:

Rumors spread fast, and while I am thankful many are quick to demand justice when it is due, this time the rumors don’t add up. Time and time again, Ariana Grande has proved to the world that she has no time for any of these shenanigans.

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