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YOU Have The Power To Choose BECCA’s Next Highlighter!

August 17, 20172 min read

Let’s face it. If there’s one thing that BECCA is known for — it’s their highlighters.

The buttery, finely milled, smooth formula is just one of the reasons why BECCA highlighters are to DIE for. It’s quite possible that ‘Champagne Pop’ has been on every girls’ makeup wishlist at one point, including mine.

“Really pretty. I’ve been stopped on the street and complimented on this highlighter. It’s beautiful, and definitely eye-catching. These are the best highlighters I’ve found for my cool-toned fair complexion.”

– A positive review on

It’s clear that BECCA highlighters are a cult classic, and are dominating the highlighter market right now. They’re even popular with stars such as Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Baldwin.

BECCA currently has 7 highlighter shades: Pearl, Opal, Rose Gold, Moonstone, Topaz, Prosecco Pop and Champagne Pop. And now, BECCA is planning on launching an 8th highlighter. But there’s a twist—YOU get to choose it!

The new shades to chose from are:

Golden Mint (right): a pearlescent gold with a green tint

Smokey Quartz (left): a muted, pearlescent rose gold

These new shades are definitely going to be a unique addition to the BECCA highlighter squad. These new shades will be perfect for those who like to be more creative with their makeup looks, as they are a tad different from the usual highlighter colors which would consist of solely silver or gold. They will most likely retail for the same price as the other BECCA highlighters (£32) which is on the pricier side, but defo worth it!

To vote for which highlighter you would like to see launched, all you have to do is go on BECCA’s Instagram and comment either #TeamSmokyQuartz or #TeamGoldenMint on their Instagram story. Happy voting!

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