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“This poem was manifested during a late night listen to the great British band, Bastille, and their song titled ‘Flaws‘.  We, as humans, focus so much on our own faults. Society has programmed us to hate diversity and to seek a ‘cookie-cutter’ lifestyle. We want to blend in- not stand out. Our flaws are buried underneath a perfect image. There are many reasons for society’s unwillingness to embrace imperfection- the fashion industry…social media. The real question we must ask ourselves is…Why?”

Why do we hate being different?

We run from originality like it’s the plague.

Living “normal” just seems so vague.

We all have our flaws

We all have imperfections.

Yet we try to correct everything that’s wrong.

Has society corrupted us so?

Day in and day out,

We are exposed to Perfections.

Billboards, bulletins, broadcasts.

Unknowingly, we are fed…

Fed to believe that peculiar is bad.

Twiggy models with perfect skin

“Be like us, be like us!”

Their glossy lips and perfect hips mock us.

They smile in our face.

Perfect is Beautiful.

O’ the horror!

We blur the “imperfectness”.

Everyone must be the same.


Plain design.

Quick to point out anomalies,

We don’t want to be like The Others…

No, we like consistency.

Uniform like a repeating pattern,

Our hearts beat as one.

Is this why our world is so perfectly corrupt?

Because we can’t accept the blemishes.

The pimples, the scars, the fat, the marks…

This obsessive behavior will lead us to ruin.

But the true question remains:

What will we leave the next generation with?

A burning need to be in control,

A fear of not being cool,
Of not being Perfectly Flawless,

Or a debilitating desire to be pure.

The scary thing is… we may never know;

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Mariah Flores

Hello! My name is Mariah Flores and I am a freshman in college. I enjoy film and literature. My plans for college include obtaining a Journalism degree, with a minor in Global Studies. After college, I plan on working as a digital journalist. I enjoy reading books, watching Sherlock, and listening to my favorite bands/artists. My role models include Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn. The Great Gatsby and Perks of Being a Wallflower are among my all-time favorite books and Maya Angelo is my favorite poet. When I'm not writing poetry or reading Shakespearean plays, you can find me watching VICELAND or enjoying cool Youtube videos. For inquiries, contact me through my Twitter or Instagram: momi_flows or mariah_flows