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Coloured Raine: The Vivacious Black-Owned, Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand

April 3, 20189 min read

In light of the recent call to action for more representation in the beauty community, I wanted to bring attention to the impeccable business that is Coloured Raine.

Coloured Raine is a makeup brand founded in 2013 by Loraine Dowdy. Loraine is an inspiring black women who advocates for women’s rights and the inclusion of woman of color in the beauty industry. She defied all odds by creating her very own brand when she saw a problem and lack of representation for women of color. Rather than asking other brands to be inclusive and not solely cater to white women, she took matters into her own hands.

Coloured Raine is an exemplary advocate for animal rights. They are a cruelty-free brand, and most of their products are vegan. They also carry a wide selection of gluten-free products and are an FDA-certified brand that manufactures in the USA.

Loraine poured her heart and soul into making sure everything was perfect and done the right way.

So many brands take the easy route when just starting and don’t care enough to put the time and effort into making sure their products do no harm to animals and are safe for our skin. Lorraine, however, is the exception; she dedicated herself to making sure all of her products were done the way she felt was right — the way all brands should be.

This brand has a massive following not only because of their diversity and boldness but also due to the fact that their products are phenomenal. Colored Raine is known especially for their long-lasting lip formulas and highly pigmented eyeshadows. From the most vivacious looks to an everyday soft glam, Coloured Raine has it all.

Coloured Raine was kind enough to send me makeup as a thank you for working with them. I was in awe of the pigmentation and buttery feel of the eyeshadows. The products were astonishing, so much so that I wanted to showcase the products themselves and the magic they are capable of. I asked four young makeup enthusiasts if they would be willing to create some looks with these shadows and they were ecstatic. It was love at first swatch.

Sonia Gudino is a makeup enthusiast who adores finding new products and brands that are highly pigmented especially when it comes to everything shimmery and pink.

She decided to go with the QUEEN OF HEARTS palette because it had such a wide array of subtle neutral pink and brown toned colors, and also had a great amount of complimenting fluorescent golds and vibrant pinks to tie it all together.

With this palette, she created an everyday soft glam look. She chose warm brown tones for the base and the perfect orange for her transition topping it off with one of the most unique gold and champagne pink glitters she’s ever seen. Although a look subtle enough to wear every day, ROYAL HIGHNESS and YOUR MAJESTY are shades that will be sure to make heads turn. These shimmery shadows really complimented Sonia’s golden complexion and brought out the shine from within she holds.

Brit is a makeup enthusiast with a bold edgy personality which brings us to our next makeup look, a vivacious electric red look created with the LOVELIES palette.

Brit gravitated towards this palette because of its metallic red shade with light pink undertones which mesh together perfectly. The buttery texture of the product makes it very easy to apply and are very easy to build up for a daring look like this.

Courtesy of @bysailr/Instagram

With the LOVELIES palette, Brit decided to do a sharp eye look and paired it with a bright red lipstick that compliments her effervescent personality. She decided to use the most vibrant shade in the palette, LOVE LOVE, and apply that all over her eyelid. Because of its blend ability, she was able to smoke it out and create the illusion of her using multiple shades to feather out effortlessly. This chromatic look is one that truly pairs with such a fierce persona.

Courtesy of @bysailr/Instagram

Niya Palmer is a thriving makeup artist that is in utter love with vibrant shades and expresses her creativity through makeup.

Niya decided to go with the SMOKE SHOW and BEAUTY RUST palettes and created a dramatic, smokey eye. She chose these palettes specifically because of the one- of- a- kind charcoal shade with sparkling silver undertones, which she used to sharpen and smoke out the most stellar metallic orange combined with a brick red. This look brings out the vibrant, creative edginess of Niya’s personality and truly makes her glow.

With the SMOKE SHOW and BEAUTY RUST palettes, Niya was not only able to create this eye look, she also was able to use the shades as lip products. Niya was so excited to be able to expand and not only do a unique look for the eyes but bring it down to her lips as well! The eyeshadows were so creamy and pigmented with just a translucent chapstick as the base she was able to use the shades RECHARGE, DREAM and SMOKE SCREEN to tie this look together beautifully. Niya really outdid herself and was able to show us all herself as a creative, through this makeup.

Eve Verar is also a makeup enthusiast who has been in love with the world of makeup since she was young.

Eve plans on turning her love for makeup into a career and has also delved into the art of stage makeup. Eve decided to create a look with the CHEERS TO THE BEAUTY palette due to its rich metallic toned pigments that she’s never seen like before in any other palette. With this palette, she went for a radiant look that screams color

With the CHEERS TO THE BEAUTY palette, she decided to go with a colorful prismatic look that was full of intensely bright tones that made her eyes stand out. With this palette, she gravitated towards the ROSE shade because of its intensely bright rich golden yellow tone. This shade paired with the chromatic NOBLEWOMAN went together ever so perfect for creating such a unique psychedelic look unlike any other.

Coloured Raine is, without a doubt, one of the most unique brands on the market. With its wide array of products, it’s best known for its game-changing eyeshadow palettes. You will absolutely find something with which to express yourself.


Check out Coloured Raine on their website, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cover Image Courtesy of Coloured Raine

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