Now Reading: ColourPop Will Be Available at Select Sephora Stores This Holiday Season, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It


ColourPop Will Be Available at Select Sephora Stores This Holiday Season, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

August 8, 20173 min read

Fan favorite brand and staple in the beauty community ColourPop will move from being an online-only brand to now having their products in select Sephora stores. The move will be made in November and will feature an exclusive line partnered with Sephora, but amidst this amazing news for lovers of the brand and makeup fanatics eager to try them out, there were a number of negative things said about the news, even from established beauty gurus in the makeup community such as Jeffree Star and Huda Beauty.

ColourPop is known for being an affordable makeup brand with quality products, a big reason why it’s such a favorite among makeup lovers, but for some reason, it’s turned into a concern of not just whether the prices will stay the same (they will), but if the brand belongs in Sephora. Many critics claimed the move would have been better suited being in Ulta stores, where they have perfected mixing drugstore and high-end products in the same place and offering both to its customers.

This was a concern expressed by YouTuber Jeffree Star as well on a comment in an Instagram post, and Huda Beauty shared her feelings on the post as well stating that ColourPop is a “strange fit” for Sephora, maybe meaning they shouldn’t be there.

This type of behavior from beauty gurus is sadly not a surprise or new, since there is much drama within the community at times, but gurus like KathleenLights still shared enthusiasm and support for ColourPop.

However, the problem with the collection having just been available at Ulta is that makeup lovers and enthusiasts outside of the U.S. wouldn’t be able to purchase it in stores since Ulta is only available in the states. This is another reason why the move to Sephora is so great for everyone.

ColourPop also stated in their Instagram live stream that the formulation will be the same and still be manufactured in their California labs. Just what this new “exclusive line” of products will be is yet to be revealed, as well as which Sephora stores the brand will be at, but they’re assured to let us know as soon as they can tell us.

Given that pricing will stay the same, a new line of products will be out, and it will be so much more easily accessible to everyone, ColourPop being at Sephora is a great move and is very exciting for the brand and fans alike and will definitely be a hit come this holiday season.

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