The Best DIY Skincare Hacks

April 7, 20193 min read

As the seasons change again, so does our acne, and often our regular skincare regimen begins to fail us. Upkeep can feel expensive and time-consuming, all for skin that seems to never really get as clear as we’d hoped. However, there are a number of natural and DIY skincare hacks that you can do from the comfort of your own home (and without hurting your bank account) that can aid your acne in the worst of its flare-ups. Below, I present to you the three best DIY acne-fighting hacks that I’ve used periodically throughout my own skincare journey.

“Acne Water”/ Fruit Water

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The health benefits of fruit-infused water are not just some urban myth. Lots of acne (such as cystic acne) is a type of inflammation.When it comes to fighting inflammation, vitamins are hugely important. 

For your “acne-water,” there are a number of different fruits that will provide the kind of nutrients your skin is seeking. The combination that has been the most successful for me is cucumber, lemon and mint leaves. However, grapefruit is also a great option and is known to hold acne-fighting properties.

Crushed Aspirin Tablets

If you’re in a pinch and need a strong spot treatment, people have been known to crush an aspirin or cut a gel tablet (applying the gel only) to a pimple in order to minimize its size.

Epsom-Salt Toner

This is my most recent discovery (and perhaps most shocking). I was skeptical at first when I read online that bath salts (Epsom salts) could aid in clearing facial acne. Epsom salts are well known for clearing bodily acne that might be on the back or chest, but there is little information about using Epsom salts on your face.

I use a DIY Epsom salt toner made from 4 parts sterilized water and 1 part bath salts and have noticed a major difference in my skin’s production of acne. Though regardless, if you’re looking to try this at home, you should always know your limits… not all burning is good burning!!!

None of these tips and tricks are guaranteed to clear your skin (or are even dermatologically recognized), but they may be small changes that you can experiment with in your own daily routine. Sometimes the best thing for clearing your skin (and your head) is a good night’s sleep, some water and eliminating unnecessary stress from your life.

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