September 27, 20171 min read

Many times we like to believe that we are strong. That no matter what happens we will move on and find something else to occupy our times with. But the truth is, no matter how strong you are, loss is something difficult for everyone to cope with. The hardest part of loss is realizing you do not need whatever it is you lost, to live. No matter how prevalent a friendship or significant other once was in your life, you once lived your life without them. Which means you can do the same now that they are not present in your life. This poem highlights the beauty in life’s inconsistency, and how things come and go, and the lesson is to learn to be okay with that.

Senses are riddled with memory

Whiffs of something unrecognizable

Yet so vaguely familiar

Unexpected feelings of remembrance

Adapt to the hole in your chest

Gone but never away

Self-made Light peeking through crevices

Noises meant to be heard

Until they become too quiet

Temporarily present

Permanently close


Inevitable inconsistency


Tragically beautiful

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Rita Nguyen

Rita is a 15 year old Vietnamese-American writer, democrat and social activist from Los Angeles, California. On her free time, Rita enjoys exploring the city and reading. She has an endless list of goals and aspirations but ultimately wants to major in Political Science and turn her passion for social justice into a career.