Father Please!

December 13, 20173 min read

This is a poem about a young girl begging her father to not abuse her anymore. She has been abused by her father for years now, and she just wants him to love her. There are many children that have abusive parents but have been too scared to speak up about what has been happening to them. These children are not alone and this poem has been written to raise awareness for abuse and to help the children being abused feel less secluded.

Father please,

Just like all the other dads,

Love me,

Like they love their daughters.

I know you hear me scream

When you scare me at night.

I try to dream,

But all you give me are terrors.

Don’t order another drink!

See my worry.

Please just think,

That there is something wrong.

Don’t drive the car

With me in it.

I know the house is not far,

But you are still intoxicated.

Don’t push me!

Please take your hands off your daughter.

Just look at me, and you’ll see

How I really feel.

When we get to the house,

Don’t take your anger out on me.

I am still your daughter.

Don’t knock me down onto my knees,

Make me feel wanted.

Let me know you love me,

Don’t make my life feel haunted.

Try to resist throwing phones

And trash talking family,

Breaking bones

And locking me in the room.

Don’t make your baby girl cry

And emotionally damage her mind.

She wants to say goodbye,

But I can not.

Take me to the mall,

Not bars

Where there is always a brawl.

You always threaten your little girl,

But not the drunk, older men that hit on her.

You come close and whisper in my ear,

I try to escape from your grasp,

You aren’t saying anything I want to hear.

Later in the night,

It’s always the same.

You always start a fight,

And make me hide away.

Don’t torture your little girl,

She is the last one you’ve got.

Give it a whirl!

Don’t make me wonder,

What I do wrong

To make me feel the need to find a bed to go under.

Me and my constant need

To always feel loved,

Give into your greed.

Every time.

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Dorothy Walker

I am a young aspiring writer who loves to write mostly poetry and non-fiction pieces. I have been writing since a young age. I love writing because it is a way of expressing myself.