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Favorite Looks from Sabyasachi’s Namaste Easy Collection

March 23, 20194 min read

For the past week, social media was abuzz with Sabyasachi’s latest Namaste Easy collection. Shot in Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, and The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, each of the pieces in Sabyasachi’s collection were divine and fun all at the same time. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the brains behind this brand had certainly surpassed everyone’s expectations on how bridal lehengas and sarees should look like. Each of his designs has a huge amount of boldness to it and I can’t wait to have my take on the most outstanding looks from his collection.

Ivory Madness

These ivory-hued collection pieces are absolutely fantastic as they provide a regal look for every woman wearing them. The intricacy of each hem and the luxurious embroidery work are the show stoppers of this collection’s pieces.

Mehendi Hues

These pieces are certainly perfect for your mehndi functions. Why opt for dull hues when you could have an ivory coloured garment topped off with sequins and some heavy embroidery work for a show of elegance?

Bold Colors for Bold Women

Bold and dark colours are definitely the new trend for wedding ceremonies despite being deemed as a symbol for bad luck. Although the colours may trigger some oppressive Indian aunties due to the dark colours used, these pieces are absolutely breathtaking and should be worn regardless of the criticism that one may face.

When Elegance Meets Culture

These collection pieces would definitely make you feel like a queen on any occasion. If you look closely, one of the lehengas (Bottom Right) looks like a replica of Priyanka Chopra’s bespoke deep red Kanauj rose lehenga worn during her Hindu wedding. Wearing these elegant pieces would definitely bring your Bollywood dreams to come to life. These pieces would even surpass as great prom dresses for the likes of many.

Summer Hues

Step aside suffocating lehengas, it’s time to shine a light on these airy pieces perfect for the summer heat. Although these pieces have gained a hell load of criticism from oh-so-holy people, just because of a slight display of cleavage, I would take any chances to wear them for any occasion as they’re beautiful and vibrant pieces perfect for the Summer.

Statement Jewelry with A Bang

Statement pieces of jewellery are all the rage right now. Throw in a chunk of these and voila, you’ve concocted your looks to perfection. Sabyasachi’s jewellery pieces are very intricate and elegant all at the same time. Timeless pieces with a hint of sophistication could be the best description for their jewellery pieces for this season.

Sabyasachi has certainly broken all boundaries and set a new fashion trend for the likes of many. After going through their previous collections, I feel empowered by the boldness showcased through this collection and I hope to see more of it in the years to come.


Featured Image via Sabyasachi’s Instagram 

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