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The Kailijumei Series: Kailijumei Black Rose Lipstick Review

June 22, 20195 min read

Disclaimer: This product was generously sponsored by Kailijumei.

Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover. Well, why was that so? Over the past few days, I had the opportunity to review Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick and I’ve never seen a lipstick as mysterious as this in my entire life. The reason? I’ll get back to that in a while. The fact that Kailijumei produces such unique lipsticks for everyday usage makes it all the more enjoyable to use as you’ll never know its wonders until you use it for yourself. So, here’s my take on the Kailijumei Black Rose Lipstick in Red Purple Rose.

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

The Outlook

Elegance is the only word that we would need for this lipstick tube. The whole tube is black in color with a gold finishing in between the cover of the lipstick tube and the base. Here’s the best part; the sleek lipstick tube has magnets between the cover and the base so it tightly secures the lipstick and basically avoids any disasters in your bag. Which in turn allows you to travel stress-free without having to check the insides of your bag for the umpteenth time.

The Black Rose Lipstick

©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

“Black lipstick? I thought it was a red-purple rose.” Those were my exact thoughts after I’ve opened the lipstick tube. Well, it wasn’t completely black as it had a slight tinge of burgundy to it. However, my point here is that I did not have the slightest imagination on how the shade would look like on my lips until I’ve actually tried it out. Turns out, looks can be deceiving too. It was sensationally moisturizing and hydrating at the same time whilst curing my chapped lips. The tint produced was as of mentioned; a red and purple mashup of color leaving a wine-like shade. This works perfectly under all kinds of temperatures be it, hot and humid or dry and cold. As I come from a hot and humid country, the likelihood of my lips wrinkling in the heat is a common scenario but with this lipstick, all my problems about the darkening of my lips and of course, the wrinkles seem to fly off within the blink of an eye. According to the description in the packaging, the lipstick is formulated with rosehip oil which is a natural ingredient used in the manufacturing of many vegan products worldwide. Based on my usage, it’s safe to use and it changes slightly in shade in various body temperatures and pH usually, after a good 15 minutes. It tints fairly well but I would suggest leaving it on for 4 hours or more for a more intense shade of tint. The lavender smell is definitely not over the top and it’s very pleasant.

Apart from Red Purple Rose, Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick comes in 5 other shades namely, Orange Rose, Purple Rose, Rose Goddess, Pink Rose, and Red Rose and it’s priced at $20.00.

Below is the color swatch of Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick in Red Purple Rose :

Color Swatch of Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick in Red Purple Rose, ©Preevena Devi Jayabalan

In a whole, Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick is a unique addition to your vanity kit and its bold colors hidden beneath the black lipstick would definitely make your day. For more information on Kailijumei’s Black Rose Lipstick, log onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page and their Facebook page.

Featured Image was taken by Preevena Devi Jayabalan.

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