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Girl In Red And Her New Hit Single ‘Midnight Love’

April 14, 20203 min read

Marie Ulven, also known as Girl in Red, is known for her music centered around women who love women. Today, she released a single that her audience can’t get enough of. Straying from her normal direction in production, she made a pop-driven song that she’s been working on since January. Having not released anything else this year, all her fans were very excited to get a snippet of what could very well be a new album, or in general a new sound.

The song is about someone who feels unwanted. Someone who feels like they are second best to another person. A lyric from the song a lot of fans favor is “When your silver is my gold”. Ulven meant this to show the contrast between two people in an aesthetic way, according to an Instagram story of hers.

Although many people think the song is about Ulven’s personal experience, she actually wrote it from the perspective of a girl she used to be involved with. She revealed this in an Instagram story while doing a Q and A with a question asking what her inspiration was for the song. The response reads, “I treated someone close to me like sh*t. Without realizing it, I made her feel small and insignificant. (…) I put myself in her position and wrote from her perspective based on how I think she must have felt.”  The post reads that she thinks her and said person are now friends, as she showed her the song and the girl said that that was exactly how she felt in the situation.

Ulven was very nervous to release this song because she wasn’t sure how everyone would react, as she said on an Instagram story. The song, as said, is in a different direction genre-wise than what her fans were expecting, but she got nothing but good feedback. Everyone, either in the comments or her DMs, expressed their love for what she’s come up with, and applauded her for her creativity. She has proven to be an artist likable no matter the genre specificity.

The comments were raving, freaking over their favorite gay artist. In fact, most if not all of her audience is in the LGBTQ+ community, so the comments were filled with related anecdotes.

Overall, the new single is very liked in her fandom and out, proven by the overwhelmingly positive response. Other artists, fans, newly welcomed fans, celebrities and more have shown their appreciation for it. I give this song a 9/10, just on plain innovation and ability to think about something new to write and release; she really has blown us all away.



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