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3 Indie Rock Bands You’ve Never Heard Of (But Will Fall in Love With)

April 5, 20206 min read

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of music out there. Music is something that I would consider to be integral to my life, and it’s easy to pop on a familiar tune and sing along. But there’s something so satisfying about finding a new song and fall in love with it. That’s exactly what happened with me and the following three bands. I’m a huge connoisseur of indie music. Seriously, the more obscure, the better. I love to stumble upon bands that are unfamiliar but have great sound. And now, I’m here to share some of my favorite finds with you.

The Backseat Lovers

Based in Heber City and Sandy, Utah, The Backseat Lovers are an indie rock band. Their most recent project, a full-length album When We Were Friends, dropped in 2019. The band has been embarking on tours ever since.

The Backseat Lovers are a band worth listening to because of their incredible storytelling. When We Were Friends, as well as their other singles and EPs, display a sense of cohesion so masterful for a largely self-produced band. While The Backseat Lovers only have a few songs and EPs to choose from, their offerings are all stellar. I haven’t encountered a song by this band that I didn’t enjoy, and that’s largely due to their exceptional consistency in sound and vocals.

Some standout songs to listen to include: “Pool House,” “Davy Crochet,” “Maple Syrup” and “Sinking Ship” from When We Were Friends, as well as “Pictures” and “Out of Tune” from Elevator Days.

Listen to The Backseat Lovers here!


Beachdust is Anthony Geovanny’s “collaborative solo project” that showcases songs with a variety of musical influences. New wave and psychedelic funk are cited as two of Beachdust’s sonic influences, and they’re evident in the Californian’s work. 2017’s Midnight Sally served as the group’s first album, and 2020 saw the release of Gloom Grooves, their latest EP.

It’s worth your time to listen to Beachdust because of how many different sounds their music is influenced by. Listening to this group is like listening to a multitude of artists spanning a variety of decades. Beachdust is a plethora of good music and sound, all wrapped up into one. On Midnight Sally alone, influences from the 60s, 90s, and other cultures are evident. Listen to Beachdust for a refreshing mixed bag of good tunes.

Good introductory songs include: “Spider Baby,” “Black Lagoon,” “Running” and “You” from Midnight Sally and “Chemical Rainbow” and “Midnight Sally” from Gloom Grooves.

Stream Beachdust here!

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Loser Company

Indie rockers Will Saunders and Mas Kihira form the Los Angeles-based band Loser Company. The DIY rock and rollers started releasing singles in 2018 and dropped their first EP, Blueberry Skies, in 2019. Their gritty, homemade rock sound adds an authenticity to their music that is difficult to find in the modern rock music industry.

The band emphasizes embracing being a loser and uniting under the sentiment that, everyone can be a loser sometimes. Their music aims to unify with that feeling in mind. They’re worth the listen because of how real their sound is. There is certain solidarity to be found while listening to Loser Company. The melancholic familiarity of the band’s lyrics and raw indie sound is a slice of something special.

Loser Company’s best includes: “Blueberry Skies,” “Nightcrawler” and “Silence Pierces Eyelids” from Blueberry Skies, as well as their singles “Nobody Else” and “Those Demons.”

Stream Loser Company here!

On Finding Hidden Gems

Exploring streaming services for bands and musical artists that have a smaller or less mainstream following is one of my favorite hobbies.  I love to put a familiar song on shuffle on Spotify, and then let related tracks play after it. I find that to be the best way to find new music, beyond perusing music blogs or YouTube channels. There’s so much good music out in the world, all for the finding. Music is made for sharing, and that’s especially true for smaller artists. You’ll never know what kind of music you’re missing out on until you find it. Happy listening!

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