Now Reading: Jonas Brothers go for Gold on Their Track for the Olympics, “Remember This”


Jonas Brothers go for Gold on Their Track for the Olympics, “Remember This”

June 28, 20213 min read

The Jonas Brothers are back with another upbeat track for the summer, this time in collaboration with the Olympics and NBCUniversal. The song is the title of their 2021 tour: “Remember This.”


The Jonas Brothers have developed a partnership with NBC, performing in a TV special, “Olympic Dreams.” They debuted the track on the first night of the U.S. Olympic Team track and field trials. The song will be performed live for the first time at the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer, featuring new lyrics about the Games and Team USA.


The song is packed full of excitement! Nick and Joe sing together, “Used to pray for a moment just like this/There’s a fire in your eyes I can’t resist/Baby, we’re gonna wanna remember this…” The song has a romantic element, but could easily be about the passion and love one has for their work. 

There is excitement behind the brothers’ voices. Surging percussion swells give way to syncopated breaks in which the brothers sing with great rapidity. The contrasts between the instrumentals, Nick’s more languid vocals versus the near-spoken portions, creates a high-energy song.

For these reasons, the lyrics easily mesh with the Olympics, as Nick sings, “We ain’t gettin’ any younger, to be honеst, I don’t care/I’m not tryna live forevеr, I’m just tryna be right here!” 

There was a large team behind this project. The track was made with iconic producer Ryan Tedder, who is also behind hits of theirs like “Cool” and “Sucker.” Tedder’s classic style is heard in the clean sound of the track, with fast beats and quick instrumentals. Michael Pollack helped to write “Remember This” and the lyricist’s work is similar to his recent hits with Justin Beiber. Additionally, many artists lent a hand on background vocals, including Casey Smith, who has hopped onto Olivia Rodrigo and Ashe’s latest hits as well. 


During and after periods of great economic depression, artists have historically released uplifting music and encouraging songs, often geared towards the economically favorable process of touring. “Remember This” is no exception, ramping up the positivity and patriotism during an uncertain time for the U.S. (and Tokyo, which is still reeling from the pandemic and corruption on the International Olympic Committee.)


For a band that is so deeply rooted in nostalgia, “Remember This” is a fitting and friendly track.


You can stream “Remember This” everywhere now.


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