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Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette Review

January 13, 20186 min read

The Lorac Pro eyeshadow formulas in my opinion are the best that I have ever tried. They blend smoothly like a dream and last all day with very little fallout. Most of the palettes that Lorac comes out with are fairly consistent, and there are usually never anything that disappoints. The Lorac Mega Pro 4 palette is no exception.

The packaging on the Lorac Pro palette is beautiful with a huge mirror on the inside. It is also very slim and compact for the amount of product and is good for traveling, because it is light to carry. I got my Lorac Mega Pro palette on sale for $35, but it normally retails for $59. That is still a discount, considering the regular Pro palettes sell for $44 each, and you get half the amount of product.

The first two rows have matte finish shades (with the exception of a couple satin finish shades), and the last two are shimmery shades. I think that the Mega palette is a great value and worth purchasing for sure if the colors appeal to you.

That being said, I did notice something peculiar when I first brought the palette home. Lorac claims on their website that “this limited edition PRO artistry palette is packed with 32 all new eye shadows in all the matte and shimmer shades,” but when I swatched a few of the shades from my Lorac Pro palette, I saw some duplicates. I got curious, so I googled some images of the other two palettes that I do not own and saw some similar looking shades in there too. (I will not be including solid images or claims featuring the other two palettes, because I do not own them, and therefore, I cannot give a solid jugdement of whether the shades are actually the same in that palette.) This had me wondering if Lorac was just pulling shades from previous palettes to put in there.

The Lorac Mega Pro palette is on the left and the Lorac Pro is on the right.

They obviously aren’t all the same, but a few shades have me questioning the actual value of getting this palette if you already own one of the others. Aside from that though, I think that the Lorac Mega Pro 4 palette could be a gorgeous edition to anyone’s makeup collection and is worth the buy, in my book. This palette is limited edition, so you should hurry up and get one if you think that you’ll want it.

Here is a review of each individual shade:

Matte and satin shades


Cotton is a soft white color with a cool undertone.


Flamingo is a dusty pink color with a cool grey undertone.

Cool Taupe

Cool Taupe is a neutral tone cream shade.


Butterscotch is a slightly cool toned dark cream shade.


Cedar is a dark cool toned brown that is slightly similar to the shade Blackberry.


Mocha is a light brown color with warm undertones.


Denim is a unique light blue shade that has a very cool undertone.


Shadow is a dark grayish color that has a few individual sparkles in it which do not really show up on the eyes.

Pink Peony

Pink Peony is a very highly light cream shade with a subtle pink undertone


Oat is a cool toned Taupe shade with subtle hints of grey.


Sage is a light grey shade with slight hints of taupe.

Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookie is a soft greyish purple shade with a satin finish.


Mahogany is a warm toned dark brown shade.


Blackberry is a cool toned dark brown shade.


Spice is one of my favorite shades, it is a warm toned brick color.

DK. Chocolate

DK. Chocolate is the darkest brown shade with a cool undertone.

Shimmer shades


Foam is a soft cream color with a cool undertone.


Honey is a light, warm gold shade.

Pearl Slate

Pearl Slate is a greyish purple color.


Moss is a gorgeous cool toned light green color.

Steel Wool

Steel Wool is a pure medium grey color with soft blue undertones.

Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl is a dark gold shade with warm undertones.


Peacock is a gorgeous dark blue shade with a little fallout.


Lagoon is a pretty dark teal color with greyish undertones.


Unicorn is an iridescent purple shade with pink undertones.


Lotus is a dark pastel pink shade with purple and grey undertones.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is a purple-grey shade with quite a bit of fallout but good pigmentation.

Misty Mauve

Misty Mauve is a grey shade with taupe and very slight purple undertones.

Silver Fox

Silver Fox is a light grey shade with a slight purple undertone.


Plum is a satin purple shade with grey undertones.


Vamp is a deep purple shade with blue undertones.


Raven is a dark grey shade.

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