Toy Daughter

January 13, 20181 min read

Trigger Warning: This piece is about a father raping his daughter. Those that are subjects to rape are often too nervous to speak up, because they feel that others will say it was their fault. Rape is a prominent issue in society today, and it is much too common.

His hands are strong

And I crumble under them.

Kissed my neck,

my chest,

Then you can guess the next.

He dragged me into this dark secluded bathroom,

Influenced by beer and testosterone.

I did not want this.

I hated it, and he knew.

Those selfish hands

They keep feeling for more.

He had handed me a drink earlier,

And told me it was water.

Now I can no longer feel my limbs

And everything is blurred.

He unbuttoned my jeans

And let the zipper open up.

I felt five fingers trace my stomach

And make their way down.

I try so hard to fight him,

But it is hopeless

“Please father!

Don’t you remember, I am your little girl?”

He put his hands

On the ones he swore he loved.

I always begged for it to stop.

You made me hide under my bed,

And because of you,

I do not know how to let anyone else in.

I lost myself

But remembered him every time.

I was so young when the pain began.

So was I ever your child,

Or just a toy for your amusement?

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Dorothy Walker

I am a young aspiring writer who loves to write mostly poetry and non-fiction pieces. I have been writing since a young age. I love writing because it is a way of expressing myself.