Now Reading: The “End of the F***ing World” Is a Perfect Netflix Binge


The “End of the F***ing World” Is a Perfect Netflix Binge

January 15, 20184 min read

The “End of the F***cking World” is in a league of its own, the new British Netflix series give an interesting outlook on a teenage love story. The first three episodes, makes the adaptation of Charles Forsman’s comic book series comes across as a pointless story of two  teens running from their unhappy home life, but the themes and plot points slowly change and a “Bonnie & Clyde” vibe is directly created between the lead characters, James and Alyssa, as they embark on an unprompted road trip-turned-crime spree across England.

But then it switches. A relatively late turn, almost an hour into the two and a half hour series, an unexpected plot that catches the audience’s attention. Immediately, “The End of the F***ing World” becomes a darkly compelling journey of self-discovery and adolescent confusion. James who claims to not to have felt much at all since his mother passed away when he was a young child, is quiet and distant, but slowly develops into more than a disturbed wannabe serial killer; he’s a confused kid trying to cope with pain the only way he knows how. Alyssa has a desire to be seen by peers through her insults and she desperately goes out of her way to prove that she doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks.Yet she seems like a child seeking attention that she doesn’t receive.

The duo takes turns narrating the story, which gives us an insight into their perspectives, juxtaposing their outer selves with their inner monologues. The comedic editing contrasts the show’s darker elements, but the two opposites are able to work so seamlessly throughout the series.

Once we understand a bit more about their decision-making, and the way they think the show opens up and starts to flow in a more natural manner. The viewers are exposed to emotional depths through this fresh and captivating story. The ending is almost polarized to the beginning in the sense that it feels genuine and inevitable while the beginning feels almost artificial.

Although the final episode ends ambiguously, it is up to the viewers to decide the fate of the two lovers. It is worth noting just how well the title ties in with the show and gives it a new meaning. Those final seconds of the series display that unique, earth-shattering feeling many people only experience when the love of their life is threatened or taken away. It’s as if the world has ended. James’ noble act combined with Alyssa’s painful pleas evoke that exact feeling. Ideally it evokes a feeling that there are good things in this world even if you have to go through the worst to find them.

The series as a whole is available on Netflix right now. It is brilliant, and an emotionally filled bit of British dramedy.


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