December 12, 20171 min read

“People enter your life and they exit just as easily. It’s not always so easy to the one who is left there, alone, wondering where they went wrong. These thoughts can leave a permanent mark on the person, often experiencing self-hating thoughts.”


Up until now,


I blamed myself for us being star-crossed

I blamed myself not being good enough for you to stay

I blamed myself for you leaving without saying goodbye


You didn’t give me a moment to breathe in the tank you left me in

I didn’t know where I went wrong


From the feelings of laughter to abandonment

Friends to now strangers

From consistent to nonexistent




I see us breaking apart, never had to deal with me

You did not have the strength to break the truth to me

I blame you for not fighting for us

But I still blame myself for deceiving my worth

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Anamíca Rahman

Anamíca Rahman is a 17 year old that lives in New York City, she likes to doodle a word or two. Her passions include writing poetry and binge watching television shows.