To the Former Village Girl

December 6, 20171 min read

To the village girl with the city dream,

You are here and you realized not everything is what it seems.

There were friends you had to let go of and family you had to leave behind.

You can’t help but look back.

To the dogs that bark in the city,

Who are not the same as the stray dogs that cried out to each other in the late hours of the night.

To the sunrises and sunsets that are not the same,

When there isn’t a large field being sun kissed that makes you believe everything will be alright.

The neighborhood feels isolated.

The same six to ten kids aren’t screaming down a hill on their bikes anymore.

There’s a certain fear you have when going to parties now.

Thanks to all the violence in the news,

You wish you could go back to the time you just wanted to listen to music and laugh with friends.

There is some good in being away from the village.

There’s a certain diversity in the city that a village could only dream of having.

The opportunities you have worked for have made this transition worth everything

You think about what would happen if you went back to a village life.

Though it will always be your home, a safe haven,

Knowing you are in this new lifestyle is thrilling.

You’re not trading that for anything else.

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Delia Campos-Ferreira

A writer who's always in a crisis. Lover of many books, yet not enough bookshelves and watcher of an embarrassingly large amount of TV shows.